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Top 10 Countries with Best Road System

Travelling and tourism is always the favorite hobby for the people around the world. Whenever anyone plans to visit or tour a country, the first aspect which is observed is the road system of that country. If the road system is fine and smooth, obviously it will attract the tourists from around the world but if this system is bad, it would be a negative aspect for that country which will restrain the tourists from touring. If you are planning to visit any country, the list given below will assist you in choosing the right place to visit.
1. United Arab Emirates
UAE claims its rightful place at top in the list of countries with best road system. Due to the dry climate and fabulous funding by the government, the road system in UAE is considered to be the best in the world. The proper maintenance, clean environment and superb management have made United Arab Emirates the best place for travelling and tourism.

2. Portugal
Probably the perfect country for road trips, Portugal earns a worldwide popularity for its extremely well established infrastructure. Corresponding to continued efforts and generous funding by the European Union, Portugal’s hard work paid off reflecting the excellence and perfection of its roads.
3. Austria
Exceptional care and excellent safety measures by the Austrian government have made their Road network one of the best in the world. Offering great quality and care in travelling across the country, Austria is indeed one of the best choices for road trips.
4. France
Probably the country with most tolls on the road travelling, the French nation’s efforts and care in its maintenance is one appreciable factor. As they are famous for their sophistication, the French roads are smoother and perfectly stand up to one’s expectations.
5. Netherlands
The country with most smooth and dense road network, Netherlands earns a worldwide fame for its variety of roads including expressways, motorways, trunk roads as well as bicycle tracks too. Exquisite efforts have been put up by the government and traffic controlling department towards its development which has made the Dutch country; one of the considerable countries in the world for road trips.

6. Singapore
One of the fastest developing countries in terms of infrastructure development, the Singaporean roads are not only smoother but they are well regulated and joyful too. The ultimate funding and hard work by its government towards road quality and development has created a very fine and positive impression of the country towards the world.
7. Hong Kong
Hong Kong has been worldwide famous for its refined and well settled infrastructure from the beginning. Hong Kong is the ancestor in terms of infrastructure. Its all due to the colonized development as well as utmost funding with care and affection by the administrative department of the government. Be sure to forget the expectation of bumpy road when driving in Hong Kong.
8. Oman
The country facing the most hardships and difficulties in developing infrastructure due to rough shape, Oman’s efforts in building the roads is an appreciable fact. The country somehow managed to build smooth roads and has made itself ranked amongst the countries with best road system in the world.
9. Switzerland
The top ranked country in the world in terms of railroads, the Swiss nation has its fame for the outstanding and smooth infrastructure. The systematic system with emergency lanes and speed restrictions has made Switzerland an option for road trips.

10. Japan
Probably the most hard working and devoted country in the world in terms of infrastructure development, Japan has dedicated the best of potential towards road network. They have worked so hard to develop best infrastructure which anyone could only imagine in dreams. The quality of roads in Japan is top-notch and massive attraction for the road trip lovers around the world. Famous avenue to be checked out while travelling in Japan are Shutoko and Route 11.
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Top 10 Countries with Largest Railway Network in the World

Railway transport plays an important role in the transport system of a country because the growth of trade, industry and commerce largely relies on the advancement of railways network. It is the cheapest and fast way of transportation across the world, much better than wheeled vehicles, provides basic infrastructure for largest growing economies. It is cost saving which reduces the price of transporting passengers and materials across the country. Large Railway networks bring many benefits for passenger and industries since it is safest, speedy, capacious and comfortable. We have collected latest authentic data from different sources to list countries from around the world with largest operating rail networks.

Top 10 Countries by Largest Railway Network in the World

Country Railway Length (KM)
United States 250,000
Russia 128,000
China 103,000
India 65,000
Canada 46,552
Germany 41,981
Australia 38,445
Argentina 36,966
France 29,640
Brazil 29,303



The United States has world’s largest railway system having longest tracks of about 250,000KM which connects 48 continental states. This rail track is large enough to circle our planet five times. Freight lines accounted for 80% of country’s total track while 35,000KM lines are being used for passenger transportation.
Source: International Union of Railways,, CIA factbook

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Top 10 Busiest Airports in the World by Passenger Traffic

Globalization of the world economy is a key driver of air traffic growth. Airports provide connectivity and regional accessibility which is vital for modern economy and social mobility. Rapid increase in passenger and freight traffic result in direct increase in employment at airports, catalyze business growth in the adjoining areas and serve as economic engine for the whole country. It is vital for fast transportation and tourism activities in the world. According to Airports Council International, top ten busiest airports in the world in 2013, on the basis of passenger traffic, are listed below.

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta is the world’s busiest airport by Passenger Traffic. In 2013, total numbers of passengers were 94,430,785. It serves more than 250,000 passengers everyday with more than 2,500 daily flights, serving more than 150 domestic destinations and more than 60 international destinations. It has 207 gates with total area of 1,902 hectares. It is generating $32.6 billion to the regional economy.

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