Top Ten Countries by Highest Proportion of Teenage Brides

Child marriage is an important global issue  that cuts across countries, religions and cultures. According to research, teenage brides face more troubles than women who marry as adults. They are more likely to die during pregnancy and are at higher risk of mental illness. In developing countries of world, young girls, who belong to  rural areas having lower level of education and income are mostly engaged in marital relation in their teenage life. Here is a list of top 10 countries with highest teenage brides population.

Top Ten Countries by Highest Proportion of Teenage Brides by Percentage

Rank Country Percentage of Teenage Brides
1. Dem. Rep. of Congo 74.2
2. Congo 55.0
3. Afghanistan 53.7
4. Bangladesh 51.3
5. Uganda 49.8
6. Mali 49.7
7. Guinea 49.0
8. Chad 48.6
9. Mozambique 43.8
10. Senegal 43.8



Dem. Rep. of Congo is the country where 74.2 percent girls marry before reaching the age of 20. It has highest child marriage prevalence rates in the world.

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