Ten Biggest Lending Countries of the World
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Ten Biggest Lending Countries of the World

Countries with largest positive “Net International Investment Position” are considered as biggest lenders which significantly outflows its resources to foreign nations to gain returns on its unused funds.Surplus in budgets largely insists authorities to make foreign direct investment to take advantage of spared resources. Large current account surplus lead to largest positive international investment positions while deficit current account results in reduction of NIIP. Moderate to relatively large surpluses is necessary are all these countries for gradual induction to the list of biggest lending countries.
The Net International Investment Position (NIIP) is the difference of foreign assets owned by domestic residents and domestic assets owned by foreigners. As we discussed above, Countries with a positive NIIP are considered to be creditor nations. The table below help visualize the ten biggest creditor’s countries with highest positive NIIPs. All figures have been adjusted to nominal US dollars.

Rank Country External Assets (in Millions) External Liabilities (in Millions) NIIP (in USD) Per Capita (in USD) As of
1 Japan JPY 950,403,000 JPY 602,860,000 2,839,186,016,627 22,365 Jun. 2015
2 Germany EUR 7,894,500 EUR 6,491,700 1,561,568,904,000 19,209 Jun. 2015
3 China USD 6,433,693.033849 USD 4,969,705.434331 1,463,987,599,518 1,070 Jun. 2015
4 Hong Kong HKD 35,130,704 HKD 27,340,262 1,005,012,132,995 137,699 Jun. 2015
5 Taiwan USD 1,619,484 USD 662,792 956,692,000,000 40,825 Dec. 2014
6 Norway NOK 12,406,252 NOK 6,612,862 736,343,670,006 141,893 Jun. 2015
7 Switzerland CHF 4,086,728 CHF 3,414,062 718,436,595,499 86,771 Jun. 2015
8 Singapore SGD 3,959,038.6 SGD 3,182,787.6 576,182,982,861 147,637 Jun. 2015
9 Netherlands EUR 7,402,047 EUR 6,962,383.4 489,425,171,520 28,919 Jun. 2015
10 Russia USD 1,225,497 USD 944,365 281,132,000,000 1,922 Jun. 2015

The world’s largest debtor is now the world’s largest creditor. Japan’s debt-to-GDP ratio is nearly 230%, the worst of any major country in the world. Yet Japan remains the world’s largest creditor country, with net foreign assets of $2.8 trillion. China and Germany are effectively listed amongst the biggest lending countries with the largest NIIP which means the value of its domestically owned assets is less than its liabilities to foreign investors.
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