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Countries with Highest Fast Food Consumption Rates

We live in a world that is continuously changing. Ideas, behaviors and trends change as the time moves on. The life in the 21st century is fast than ever – Be it work, move,eat, pee, poo; people like to do it fast. Food has been the basic and foremost need of the humans, however, it is not the only; people today have tons of other tasks to do. The order of the day has brought a change in the eating habits of the world so full of activities. People now a days believe that in order to act and earn fast, they need to eat fast, so that they may get some extra hours in their schedules.

The fast cooked and fast served food serves the purpose for those who love it. The foodstuff is available in a wide range. However, different regions across the globe come with their own brands and versions of food fast for example, American, Chinese and Asian Fast food. The customers can have their bite on various take away points, kiosks, fast-food shelters and restaurants with facilities like shelter and seating. One can also simply place and order and then pick his/her stuff and have it on the go. The typical menu items common in all fast food franchises include pizza, wings, fries, nuggets, hot dogs, fish, hamburgers, salads, sandwiches, french fries, ice cream and various beverages etc.

The taste, quality, expense and implications of the fast-food on the health are never questioned by those who seek it. People around the world have variations in their romance to this type of food. Here is the list of ten countries with maximum consumption of fast food.

1. United States

With Burgers counting for more than 50% of total fast food expense in the nation, United States top the ranks. Despite the efforts made by the junk food giants in the country, the unhealthy eating norms and high obesity rates are mocking the steps taken by companies and government. There are some significant market share-holders specifically McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King. McDonald’s is the real king by far with 17% of the total market share. Total sales of the industry with largest recorded in 2007, have increased by five percent.

2. France

The French restaurants remind you of the classy and elegant dining experience. The boom in Fast food industry has overwhelmed the traditional restaurants in the country. The revenues made by the fast food chains count for 54% of total revenues. The industry offering pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and similar stuff experienced an increase by 14% last year. The eat alone behavior has opened the doors for the Burger King, a franchise that was closed for last 16 years. Subway has increased its outlets by 400 stores in the last 10 years.

3. Canada

Tim Hortons in Canada, an alternative to the multi course food is making 25 percent out of the market. McDonald’s and subway are no way near with eleven and six percent shares respectively. The three giants saw an epochal increase while the likes with smaller chains and stores dealing particularly in Chicken and ice cream suffered the most.

4. United Kingdom

United Kingdom is famous for its classy, albeit expensive, dining fares. The pressures from health authorities have urged the companies like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC to sign up the deals and take the responsibility and measures to ensure the customer health. McDonald’s and KFC are now the signatures of the deal according to which the companies would reveal the detailed calorie information of their products with the menus. Subway also has to reduce the salt level in its foods by a third.

5. South Korea

The Fast food sector is answering well to the needs of the South Koreans hit by uncertainty brought by the economic crisis. Paris Croissant Co. is the leading and to some extent the only growing fast food franchise in the country. The people spend their lunch and spare ours in eating alone which they think wouldn’t be heavy on pockets.

6. Japan

The house cooked meals are no more preferred by the Japanese consumer after 2011 earthquake as they were once. 7-Eleven Japan Co. Ltd comes with the biggest share of 24% in the fast food market. The company covers the largest space in the sector with 13,865 franchises.

7. Austria

The economic crisis in 2008 got it right for many Austrians to leave the home-cooked stuff. The full service restaurants started losing their effectiveness in the food market of the country as the fast food chains were seen doing the better. The companies are trying to please the customers by their marketed as healthy and high-quality food items and recipes.

8. Germany

Germans are now more leaned to develop some new and healthy. The industry has been working to develop new recipes that are surely fast but involve vegetarian dishes and salads. The healthier options are a result of the German demographic with the large part of population that experiences constant aging. McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King and Nordsee are the big guns.

9. Switzerland

McDonald’s is leading the other players with 152 outlets with a market-share of 45% – which is very undoubtedly a far cry for anyone in the business. Burger King with 26 outlets has only 2% share. The health activists and organizations have taken care of raising the issues related with junk culture, i.e. obesity, high-cholesterol and blood sugar levels which are very detrimental to cardiac health.

10. Sweden

Sweden has made into the lists at #10. With McDonald’s securing 28% of the market is unanimously leading the course. The Government’s decision to reduce the Value-added-tax by more than half to 12 percent will further strengthen the Swedish Fast food industry. The well advertised temporary (1month) menus are paying good to those in business.

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