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Ten Countries with Least Vacation Time

Apart from doing the work with devotion, determination and sincerity, employees also need official vacations to relax their mind and body to be fresh for the upcoming challenging events. It is indeed the requirement of human body to take mental as well as physical rest to be in complete senses. Without the required rest, employees would be unable to focus on their work which may lead to mistakes. This situation creates high level of despair, anxiety and intellectual illness. Very few vacation time put much more blunders which may result in suspension or termination from their respective jobs. Different vacation systems are currently in operation in different countries owing to the development needs. Bigger the country, lesser will be the vacation time as the eagerness to keep up with the fast moving trends would be high. Obviously it is a fact that human mind cannot work continuously for hours of time and needs some recess time to come to normal. This can only be done if given the required and proper mental and physical rest. Various countries in the world are famous for having congested and harsh vacation offers but the below given table will illustrate the countries having the least vacation time. The statistics were obtained from the year 2014.

Rank Country Number Of Annual Vacations
1 United States of America 13
2 Belgium 20
3 Japan 25
4 Korea 25
5 Canada 26
6 United Kingdom 28
7 Australia 28
8 Brazil 34
9 Austria 35 (42 For Elders)
10 Germany 35

As it is concluded from the table, USA is the country with least vacation time. One can now understand the high levels of anxiety, depression and psychological illness in America as the employees there are not given enough relaxation time to relieve their bodies. With just a total of 13 annual vacations, USA is the country at top offering tiny number of holidays.

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The 10 Countries with the Cleanest Air in the World

Ever interested to know which are the ten countries with the cleanest air in the world? You may either be interested to learn it to establish relationship between cleanliness and health or merely seeking to know which countries produce least smokes or contribute the least to global warming. According to the World Health Organization, which published report on the global air quality of each country based on various factors such as low population density and strict regulations on air pollution, countries with highest percentage of forest have cleanest air since forests act as natural air filters. Similarly least populated nations have cleanest air in the world since they require least production and traveling services as result least smoke produced there. Countries with the cleanest air in the world are all those which have best quality of life too because cleanest air largely contributes to a higher standard of living.
Clean and hygienic environment is an essential matter for a perfect and healthy life. Cleaner the environment better will be the human health. It is often observed that the existence of industries, factories with chimneys and other production structures is the main reason behind the huge air pollution which leads to various incurable diseases. Various countries in the world have taken positive steps to decrease the air pollution to a lowest level by implementing tougher regulation on industries and really outranked other nations in air cleanliness.
Here we have tabulated a list below which will guide you in knowing about the countries with least air pollution according to PM 10 Air Quality Index by World Health Organization (WHO) in 2015. PM10 represents particles in the air that we consider pollution which might be smoke, dirt, mold, pollen etc. The countries with cleanest air are those which scored least at Annual Mean PM10 (ug/m3). As according to PM10 Air Quality Index, Estonia is the cleanest country with least air pollution index of just 11.

Rank Country Annual Mean PM10 (ug/m3) Above/Below of World Average of 71ug/m3 Urban Population Coverage
1 Estonia 11 -60 43%
2 Mauritius 12 -59 27%
3 Australia 13 -58 89%
4 Canada 13 -58 78%
5 Ireland 15 -56 21%
6 Bhutan 18 -53 40%
7 Monaco 18 -53 100%
8 USA 18 -53 N/A
9 Luxembourg 18 -53 21%
10 San Marino 20 -52 100%

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Countries with Best Cuisines/Food Recipes

Everyone loves tasty food and there is no doubt in that. People go too far places just for the sake of eating tasty and interesting cuisines. Almost every country in the world presents their unique traditional cuisines and each one of them famous because of its tastes and healthiest content. Of course everyone would love to know about the countries with best cuisines in the world. We love to write about food because we love tasty dishes by heart. Lots of American and European cuisines are famous in the world but the ones which are surveyed to be loved the most are the Asian cuisines because they taste just amazingly great. If we take a glance of country like Italy, we will surely find lots of mouthwatering traditional dishes there. If you move to Mexico, you will find the famous palatable dishes there too. Now turn towards the Asian ones, they are also fully packed with taste too. Who would never love the most delicious food? I can assure you that you won’t find even a single person who hates tasty dishes. Everyone is addicted to delicious cuisines whether they are children, teenager, young persons or the aged ones. You will find the same craze and addiction for food in the people regardless of their age. Seeing this situation, it becomes really difficult to say exactly that which countries have the best food recipes in the world. Lot of debate is conducted over this but all that goes in vain as none of the countries in the world can be criticized for their dishes . So here, we are giving you the list of the countries with best toothsome food recipes. We hope this will close the debate over most delicious food recipes!

Top 10 Countries with Best Cuisines/Food Recipes:

Ranking Country Cuisines/Food Recipes
1 Italy Spaghetti Bolognaise, Pizza, Italian-style Salami, Cappuccino Coffee, Buffalo Mozzarella
2 China Sweet & Sour Pork, Dim Sum, Roast suckling Pig & Peking Duck, Shark’s Fin Soup
3 France Escargot, Macarons, Baguette, Foie gras
4 Spain Jamon Iberico, Churros, Gazpacho
5 Japan Miso Soup, Sushi & Sashimi, Tempura, Fugu
6 India Dal, Dosa, Chai, Balti Chicken
7 Greece Spanakopita, Gyros, Lachanorizo
8 Thailand Tom Yam Kung, Massaman Curry, Som Tam, Pla Som
9 Mexico Mole, Tacos al Pastor, Tamales, Tostadas
10 United States Cheese Burger, Chocolate Chip Cookie

We hope the above given list may help you out regarding food.
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20 Most Beautiful Countries of the World

Every country has its own beautiful attractions, eye-catching landscapes, breathtaking natural beauty and man-made structures that produce everlasting effects on viewers. These territories are blessed with everything from beautiful cityscapes to amazing villages, magnificent coasts to breathtaking forests, stunning recreational areas and dazzling landscapes. They are 10 countries that occupy a number of tourist attractions which will surely produce pleasant feeling ever with its outstanding work of man and gift of nature forcing you to say, what a beautiful world.


Vietnam well deserves to get ranked in our list of world’s most beautiful countries. From the impressive rock formations of Ha Long Bay to the fascinating bustle of the Mekong Delta in the south, Vietnam has wonderful natural beauty that attracts million of tourists every year. Popular seaside resort, stunning rice terraces, amazing islands and scenic lakes all together make this country the most beautiful place to visit before you die.


Croatia is the country with most beautiful coastline and islands. Indented shore and thousands of island surrounded with forests and small villages is an ideal spot to enjoy nature. It is filled with the historical places that make you to recall Roman and Venetian times. The lovely architecture and sculptural work found in churches, monasteries and museums are well known inspiring places all over the world.


Ireland is a magnet for those who love breathtaking scenery, sailing and great food. With its striking rock and romantic landscapes, the land of saints and scholars is sure to put a sparkle in your eye. Jaw-dropping Atlantic Ocean views, beautifully maintained gardens, serene lakeside walks, engaging history, wild sweeping mountains, windswept stunning islands and charming villages offer a visitor experience quite like no other. Astounding beaches motivates visitors to get engage in numerous outdoor recreational activities like water sports, fishing and deep-sea angling.


Norway, the most beautiful country in Europe, offers you best sightseeing opportunities where natural wonders in the form of wonderful fjords put everlasting effects on your mind while endless snow-capped mountain peaks, glaciers, stunning northern lights, midnight sun, jagged peaks and waterfalls make this place the most favorite spot of tourists who love to see spectacular sceneries. The country also has some cultural attraction especially museum which gives you complete walk through of rich cultural and social history.


It is most geographically varied country fully packed with spectacular location that will surely leave you speechless. Largest rain forest, sunny deserts, snow-capped mountains and worth seeing countryside are all at one place to enjoy all taste of nature. In the middle of a tropical mountain forest, you can find beautiful urban creation of the Inca Empire known as Machu Picchu. The country is full of enchanting attraction to pull tourists ranging from the breathtaking peaks of the Andes to the rich diversity of flora and fauna of the Amazon basin.


Switzerland, the safest and cleanest country on earth, offers breathtaking sceneries in the form of pretty lake, mountain resorts and forests. Museums, castles and galleries present cultural treasures while intense natural beauty bewitches the eye.


The country with beautiful islands, diverse routes, stuning restaurants and cafés across the islands makes this place the most ideal spot for those who are looking for wonderful tour to enjoy with friends. Lovely museums and vibrant art-filled galleries provide endless opportunities to see many unique cultural and historical attractions while large parks and its forests provide stunning environment to relax.


This is a country with beautiful colonial architecture, beach resorts on the Pacific and Caribbean side, archaeological site rich in astonish architecture and sculptures the Maya ever produced, temples showing wonderful ancient cultures and everything from arid deserts to lush tropical rainforests.


Surprised to find Slovenia in the top twenty most beautiful countries in the world? natural diversity, Charming sceneries, world’s most unique landscapes, vast forests, marvelous work of ancient art serve as magnet to attract every tourist. Castles, hilltop churches, Cultural-historical monuments and architectural works of art are available in vibrant historical coastal town will surely entice you and draw you in. You discover numerous historic eras at each step in country where museums are full of ancient items.


Another country with most beautiful destination to discover nature and history which offers range of attractions from castles and museums to world recognized beaches and amazing natural playground. Approximately 400-plus castles, fortifications, breathtaking landscapes, and several heritage attractions cast some deep pleasant feeling.


USA is one of the most beautiful countries which offer wide range of tourist attraction ranging from world’s best national park system, diverse landscape, stunning skyscrapers to historical buildings, museums, the casino, underground lake and sunny beaches.


Australia well deserves the place in top twenty most beautiful countries of the world. It has most stunning natural wonders, world’s loveliest cities, vast empty landscapes, striking public spaces, unique wildlife, rich heritage sites, marvelous architecture, exciting adventurous sites and indigenous culture.


Iceland is also a strong contender to be listed amongst top 20 most beautiful countries of the world. Looming volcanic peaks, bubbling hot springs, a starkly eye-catching wilderness of ice fields, dramatic waterfall, lovely heritage timber buildings, surging rivers and steep mountainsides all together will astonish you and force you to stay there forever.


One of the most beautiful country in the world that offers Stunning countryside, fantastic Somerset landmarks, spectacular natural beauty, breath taking Beaches & picturesque coastal areas, fascinating National parks , marvelous historical & heritage centers and vibrant Cities.


Indonesia is the world’s most recognition country for the beautiful landscapes, seas sight, rich green islands, mountains and heritage. It is also a home to world’s largest archipelago having 18,110 islands, 6,000 of them inhabited. There are number of astounding attraction ranging from historical to natural to cultural which comprises ancient temples, grand mosque, volcanoes, lakes and amazing underwater diving spot.

South Africa

South Africa is the country which offers plenty of opportunities to find most enchanting places of the world. You can find here scenic beauty, golden beaches, marine park, wildlife, table mountain, a laid-back atmosphere, green valleys and historic towns. Also ideal for scenic drives and hiking trails attracting adventure-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.


Remarkably known for history and romance radiating from the big cities and small mountain villages, Italy offer world’s most stunning stretch of coastline where home built precariously along the steep mountains. You will surely fall in love with lovely coastal region with steep Oceanside cliffs and hills while it’s most scenic lake surrounded by mountains and lined by small picturesque towns may leave everlasting view in your mind. Apart from natural beauty, this country is also home to ancient structure where tourists come to see engineering used by Romans over 2000 years ago. Waterways in Venice are the one of the most photographed sites of the country.

New Zealand

New Zealand has also got place in our list of top 20 most beautiful countries of the world which is full packed with most amazing tourist attraction which will force you to must see before die. Lash green hills, majestic snowcapped mountains, sweeping beaches, picturesque fjords, volcanic plateau, Spectacular glaciers, deep valleys, plunging waterfalls, long striking coastline, gorgeous sandy beaches, spectacular ocean views and diverse breath taking places.


Canada offer some of world’s most beautiful Places for Sightseeing to travelers ranging from the stunning waterfalls, scenery park, most historic buildings, rain forests, attractive rocky mountain scenery. The Provincial parks and National Parks are most attractive and full of natural beauty..


The world’s most beautiful country with amazing attractions spread right across the country which comprises wild beaches, inspiring parks, craggy castles, historic homes, awe-inspiring museums and galleries.
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Countries with Highest Fast Food Consumption Rates

We live in a world that is continuously changing. Ideas, behaviors and trends change as the time moves on. The life in the 21st century is fast than ever – Be it work, move,eat, pee, poo; people like to do it fast. Food has been the basic and foremost need of the humans, however, it is not the only; people today have tons of other tasks to do. The order of the day has brought a change in the eating habits of the world so full of activities. People now a days believe that in order to act and earn fast, they need to eat fast, so that they may get some extra hours in their schedules.

The fast cooked and fast served food serves the purpose for those who love it. The foodstuff is available in a wide range. However, different regions across the globe come with their own brands and versions of food fast for example, American, Chinese and Asian Fast food. The customers can have their bite on various take away points, kiosks, fast-food shelters and restaurants with facilities like shelter and seating. One can also simply place and order and then pick his/her stuff and have it on the go. The typical menu items common in all fast food franchises include pizza, wings, fries, nuggets, hot dogs, fish, hamburgers, salads, sandwiches, french fries, ice cream and various beverages etc.

The taste, quality, expense and implications of the fast-food on the health are never questioned by those who seek it. People around the world have variations in their romance to this type of food. Here is the list of ten countries with maximum consumption of fast food.

1. United States

With Burgers counting for more than 50% of total fast food expense in the nation, United States top the ranks. Despite the efforts made by the junk food giants in the country, the unhealthy eating norms and high obesity rates are mocking the steps taken by companies and government. There are some significant market share-holders specifically McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King. McDonald’s is the real king by far with 17% of the total market share. Total sales of the industry with largest recorded in 2007, have increased by five percent.

2. France

The French restaurants remind you of the classy and elegant dining experience. The boom in Fast food industry has overwhelmed the traditional restaurants in the country. The revenues made by the fast food chains count for 54% of total revenues. The industry offering pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and similar stuff experienced an increase by 14% last year. The eat alone behavior has opened the doors for the Burger King, a franchise that was closed for last 16 years. Subway has increased its outlets by 400 stores in the last 10 years.

3. Canada

Tim Hortons in Canada, an alternative to the multi course food is making 25 percent out of the market. McDonald’s and subway are no way near with eleven and six percent shares respectively. The three giants saw an epochal increase while the likes with smaller chains and stores dealing particularly in Chicken and ice cream suffered the most.

4. United Kingdom

United Kingdom is famous for its classy, albeit expensive, dining fares. The pressures from health authorities have urged the companies like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC to sign up the deals and take the responsibility and measures to ensure the customer health. McDonald’s and KFC are now the signatures of the deal according to which the companies would reveal the detailed calorie information of their products with the menus. Subway also has to reduce the salt level in its foods by a third.

5. South Korea

The Fast food sector is answering well to the needs of the South Koreans hit by uncertainty brought by the economic crisis. Paris Croissant Co. is the leading and to some extent the only growing fast food franchise in the country. The people spend their lunch and spare ours in eating alone which they think wouldn’t be heavy on pockets.

6. Japan

The house cooked meals are no more preferred by the Japanese consumer after 2011 earthquake as they were once. 7-Eleven Japan Co. Ltd comes with the biggest share of 24% in the fast food market. The company covers the largest space in the sector with 13,865 franchises.

7. Austria

The economic crisis in 2008 got it right for many Austrians to leave the home-cooked stuff. The full service restaurants started losing their effectiveness in the food market of the country as the fast food chains were seen doing the better. The companies are trying to please the customers by their marketed as healthy and high-quality food items and recipes.

8. Germany

Germans are now more leaned to develop some new and healthy. The industry has been working to develop new recipes that are surely fast but involve vegetarian dishes and salads. The healthier options are a result of the German demographic with the large part of population that experiences constant aging. McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King and Nordsee are the big guns.

9. Switzerland

McDonald’s is leading the other players with 152 outlets with a market-share of 45% – which is very undoubtedly a far cry for anyone in the business. Burger King with 26 outlets has only 2% share. The health activists and organizations have taken care of raising the issues related with junk culture, i.e. obesity, high-cholesterol and blood sugar levels which are very detrimental to cardiac health.

10. Sweden

Sweden has made into the lists at #10. With McDonald’s securing 28% of the market is unanimously leading the course. The Government’s decision to reduce the Value-added-tax by more than half to 12 percent will further strengthen the Swedish Fast food industry. The well advertised temporary (1month) menus are paying good to those in business.

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Top 10 Countries with Hottest and Most Beautiful Men

There is plenty of handsome man across the world, but some countries really stand out in the beauty race so you want to which are the countries that give most number of choices to women seeking hottest and the most beautiful men? It is extremely a challenging task to determine the countries with most handsome men since beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder so one may be hot and beautiful guy for one girl but not for anothers. In today’s world, man is also known and admired for his hottest and appealing look but the number of such hot and handsome man varies in each part of the world so let me pack up the top ten countries where you can find most number of hottest and most beautiful men that providing a lot of options to girls to marry with…. take a look!!

10. Canada

The Canada men find the tenth place in the list of hottest men in the world as they have ideal height and cool look. They always wear trendy fashion and keep their style like a model that make their personality most attractive than men of another country.

9. Italy

Smooth, bronzed skin and sparkling eyes make Italian men equally handsome as women. They are generous, gentle and good lovers that add more grace to their muscular, hot and handsome personality.

8. Spain

Spain, the land of sunshine and beaches has most romantic and beautiful men than any other country. They are very friendly in nature that why each guy is in relationship with more than one girl.

7. United States of America

Any girl will fall for stylish and cool look of American guys that are not only dominating Hollywood but also winning heart of every girl in the world. Their beautiful look can make women crazy while their fashion sense add more grace to their while personality.

6. Germany

Germany is now ranked amongst the fastest growing economies and the reflection of prosperities can be easily observed on the glowing and charming faces of German men. The country has every facilities of life that make people tension free so they can easily engage in self grooming their personality to add more hotness and beauty in their look

5. England

Charming nature, impressive accent, polite behavior and fashion oriented outfits all describe well the hot and beautiful men of England. Their shining look and elegant accent can take heart of any girl. You can find some talented and handsome guy playing in football ground of the country.

4. Austria

Refined and elegant look with great fashion sense make the women crazy about Australian men. They have healthy diet plan and do exercise to get hot and beautiful look that grab the attention of girls all over the world

3. Brazil

Brazil also got place in our list of top ten countries with hottest and handsome guy. Here men are muscular and romantic with smiling face that catches the real attention of girls. They are friendly and focus towards goals in life.

2. Sweden

Slim but hot look of Swedish men make them more handsome than we expected to be. Women can easily fall for decent and beautiful faces of men from Sweden. Not too much stylish but their lifestyle help them to add some different in their whole look

1. France

Cool personality and romantic nature makes French the hottest men for many girls all over the world. Keep their lives more oriented toward their own grooming and make it easy as possible. Always polite and loving in nature make them more beautiful to every girl. Fashion oriented personally and stylish look grabs attention of millions of heart of neighboring European countries.

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Top Ten Largest Island Countries in the World

Islands is the most appealing resort for every tourists in the world. Countries that are blessed with most largest island can earn large foreign reserves from international tourists. Islands not only serve as homes to millions of people but also important for maintaining wide biodiversity of the world. Most people come to these countries to watch most richest and largest areas of biodiversity in the world that servers more than half the world’s marine biodiversity.

About one-sixth of earth’s total area is occupied by Islands and their oceans that represent over two-thirds of the world’s countries. Earth’s 175,000 islands range from just 0.15 square kilometres up to 2.2 million square kilometres are home to more than 600 million inhabitants

Top Ten Largest Island Countries in the World
Sr. No. Country
1 Indonesia
2 Madagascar
3 Papua New Guinea
4 Japan
5 Malaysia
6 Philippines
7 New Zealand
8 Cuba
9 Iceland
10 Sri Lanka

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Countries With The Most Number Of Public Holidays

Every business man needs to know public holidays of each country to successfully plan his meetings and tours across the world.  So while planning your next meeting in another country to make the most of it, you must know the number of days publicly announced as holidays. This figure is equally important for all people who are moving to other country as workers since this will give them the whole picture of working mindset and labor policies.

Travel search site Wego which reveals the countries around the world with the most public holidays but it is quite difficult to figure out the exact number of public holidays since it change every year and sometime its depend on cultural or religious events while occasionally leave the final decisions to local governments however the overall world map shows that the event of Christmas involve most holidays worldwide than any other event that why people wait for whole year for this event to come.

According to report, workers in India enjoy the most public holidays so if you intend to enjoy more leisure time, then we advise you to move to India. It topped the ranking with 21 public holidays. Interestingly you can enjoy much more than 21 days in some states of India.

In the Asia/Pacific countries, Philippines and china follow with 18 and 17 holidays respectively.

Australia and New Zealand  far behind with just 10 national holidays.

In Europe Sweden and Lithuania are most generous countries in this regard which offering the most at 15 holidays, followed by 14 in Slovakia, 13 in Austria, Belgium and Norway, and 12 in Finland and Russia while Spain and UK are not giving much public holidays to its workers and just eight days are allowed to enjoy.

Mexico is the least generous country in this  regard which only offers  least public holidays of seven days each year.
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The 10 Countries With The Best Work-Life Balance: OECD

In today’s world, getting a perfect job that can easily maintain good balance between work and daily living is becoming harder than ever. In this cutthroat era, people can’t afford to stop working to spend more of leisure time with their children to enjoy some happy moments and to upbring them in the way they like, especially in economic crisis people are often force to do jobs that require long working hours which left little to no time for leisure. The worst work-life balance not only affects someone’s personal life but also ruins families in many ways. If people spend more time at work then they have to forgo other healthy activities such as personal care or leisure that leads to detrimental effects on physical and mental health that why experts strongly emphasis on the need of best amount and quality of leisure time for the highest job satisfaction .  Countries with most people being satisfied with their work-life balance are happiest and healthiest since shortest working hours affects human capital and help maintaining good personal health and decrease stress.

The Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published the Better Life index, evaluating how numerous factors of people’s lives have an impact on the overall well-being of entire country. This report also focuses work-life balance by evaluating percentage of population being most satisfied with their jobs and experience the highest amount of leisure time in an average day. A significant element of work-life balance is how much time a person spends at work and how much time a person spends at leisure.

According to report, Denmark has the best work-life balance where full-time workers devote 67% of their day on average, or 16.1 hours, to personal care (eating, sleeping, etc.) and leisure (socialising with friends and family, hobbies, games, computer and television use, etc. Average annual hours of working in Denmark are 1,546 which is less than the OECD average of 1 765 hours. About 84% of danish are satisfied with their jobs and have more positive experiences in an average day (feelings of rest, pride in accomplishment, enjoyment, etc.) than negative ones (pain, worry, sadness, boredom, etc.)

Below are the top ten countries with the best work-life balance according to the OECD.

Rank Country Work-Life Balance Score (out of 10)
1. Denmark 9.8
2. Spain 9.4
3. Belgium 8.8
4. Netherlands 8.8
5. Norway 8.7
6. Sweden 8.1
7. Germany 7.9
8. Russian Federation 7.9
9. Ireland 7.9
10. Luxemburg 7.9

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Top 10 Countries With Highest Quality of Life

Millions of people across the world immigrate every year in search of a better standard of living comparative to their home country. Traditionally, people sought information regarding best economy to meet their dreams but today world has changed and now people look beyond GDP and economic statistics to ascertain highest quality of life. In this regard, globalization played an important role for countries with best standard of living to easily attract immigrant that are searching health, wealth, education and many others. Comparison of well-being across countries to define ideal part of world to live in with all essentials for better quality of life is now becoming broad topic that evaluate many features of society. There are number of factors that make one country a ‘better’ place to live than another. Factors may change depending on everyone’s priorities. If anyone has children might seek safe and secure environment while a young student may want to live where education is inexpensive. An adult career seeker might think that country with the highest possible income and lowest unemployment level is best to live in. Similarly, affordable housing is vital for high living standard of newlywed couples. Sometimes, people just want to live in a country with a strong community bonds. Most of all, best health care is important for overall prosperity of the society.For the purpose of sound identification of countries with highest living standard, experts put together numerous factors, that matter to people and that shape the quality of lives that considered essentials for well-being of whole society.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has an interactive Better Life Index to ascertain which country has highest quality of life by using better life index that take into account many factors apart from economy and GDP. Housing conditions, employment level, Community development, education facilities, health facilities, life satisfaction, personal security and work-life balance which are key ingredients to improving standard of life and have got special attention in evaluation of countries with best quality of life.

This Better Life Index evaluate the overall well-being of a country, giving equal weightage to eleven different aspect of life. This index gives score out of 10; higher the score, better the living standard of life.

Australia has best living standard followed by Norway and Sweden, according to OECD’s better life index.

Below are top ten countries, with best standard of living,that scored highest in Better Life Index

1. Australia – 8.11
2. Norway – 7.97
3. sweden – 7.97
4. Denmark – 7.95
5. Canada – 7.94
6. Switzerland – 7.90
7. United States – 7.65
8. Finland – 7.58
9. Netherlands – 7.56
10. New Zealand – 7.54

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