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Which Countries Have the Most 4G Mobile Users

Who wouldn’t like the highest ever downloading and uploading speeds in your own country? The mobile service came into being when GSM service was introduced which offered lower uploading and downloading speeds to internet users. With the passage of time, lots of improvements were made to the cellular services which revolutionized the mobile services to 3G (3rd Generation) and 4G (4th Generation) services in most advanced countries of the world. The 4G is termed as the LTE (Long Term Evolution) service which can increase the downloading and uploading speed up to 100 times faster than the older networks. Now every internet user can get the higher speeds on their smartphones using 4G technology which makes it easy for them to access and store their data at amazing speeds. With the introduction of 4G LTE band, the portability, flexibility and reliability of internet on smartphones have increased to a great extent. Though it is a lot expensive than the older 2G and 3G networks but it is worth it. There is no doubt that internet has revolutionized the world. Internet is needed everywhere even a small child would need internet for their study purposes. Coming to the point, the majority of the countries are the users of 4G mobile service but few of them are not blessed with this lightening speed technology. But the countries that do have this technology are blessed with huge number of users of it. For your assistance, we are providing a list that will guide you about the countries with most 4G users in the world along with their statistics:

Ten countries with most 4G mobile users as per CIA World Fact book Rankings (2014)

Ranking Country Total Mobile Users (In millions) 4G Mobile Users (In millions)
1 South Korea 52.5 30.3
2 Japan 132.8 26.9
3 Australia 24.5 4.9
4 United States 290.3 58.6
5 Sweden 11.2 1.4
6 Canada 27.4 2.9
7 United Kingdom 81.6 3.3
8 Germany 108.7 2.4
9 Russia 236.7 2.7
10 Philippines 94.2 1.1

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Ten Countries/Organizations with the Most Satellites

In the 50 years since satellites first went into orbit, Communication system evolved a lot that bring us much closer to each other to make our planet a global village. We can’t underestimate the importance of satellite technology in providing vital communication to today’s world. From weather forecasting to television broadcasting to travel guide to linking remote areas, satellites are making our life much easier. Most of communications around the world are covered through them and considered as the most vital part of fastest communication in the world. There are many purpose for which they are launched but mostly they are used for communication, observation, weather, research, navigation and defense. Exchange of data between users, countries or organizations is served through them corresponding to their range and angle. Mobile networks, Internet, Intranet, IP Telephony, GPS and all other communication types are operated through them.
There are three kinds of orbits namely Lower Earth, Medium Earth and Geostationary in which satellites move and revolve around the earth to serve uninterrupted communication. Until now, around 6600 satellites have been launched in the world from which the 3600 have been able to stay in their respective orbits. From these 3600, nearly thousand are currently operational and serving the worldwide communication. Among these 1000, 500 are orbiting in Lower Earth orbit, 50 in Medium Earth orbit (about 20000 Km) and the rest ones are in geostationary orbit (about 36000 Km).

Russia has always been the leading country in artificial satellite manufacturing and its deployment and will continue to do due to exceptional dominance and leading instinct in this department. It has most operational satellites of total 3488, followed by USA and China. To know about which country has the most satellites in the world, we have a list below containing statistics from year 2015.

Rank Country/ Organization Deployed Spacecrafts Lower-Earth Orbit Spacecraft Medium-Earth Orbit Spacecraft GEO Spacecraft Others
1 Russia 3488 3057 187 154 90
2 United States 2137 1345 142 187 463
3 China 244 176 7 55 6
4 Japan 197 109 4 53 31
5 Globalstar 84 82 2 0 0
6 INTELSA 81 1 2 72 6
7 European Space Agency 71 31 18 8 14
8 India 71 36 2 31 2
9 France 69 46 1 11 11
10 Germany 64 5 1 6 7

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Ten Countries with Least Internet Censorship

Internet freedom around the world is continuously declining from the last few years, as more countries have taken aggressive measure to censor internet to eliminate its negative aspects. However research has revealed that 83% of users around the world believe internet is the most useful invention of modern era and affordable censored-free access should be a basic human right. Apart from its damaging affects it is also a fact that it is no longer way of just providing fun, users asses it across the globe for getting information related to studies, medical, health and environment and about each and every aspect about which one could imagine of. Indeed it has become the most crucial part of every human being’s life.
As per Freedom House, web content removals are now being practiced by 42 countries out of 65 where all webPages related to political, religious, or social issues are restricted or deleted. Authorities of 40 countries out of 65 actively arrests and frightens wrong doers who share information online related to government or religious. Surveillance laws and surveillance equipment are all functioning in 14 countries out of 65 to block websites of inappropriate contents while encryption and anonymity is completely banned or limited. Contrary to that, there are some countries too which have applied least censorship over internet and offer most freedom to its user that leads to the abusive destruction of its societies.

Freedom House examines obstacles to internet access, limits on content and violations of user rights in order to evaluate the level of censorship across the world. As per their latest report, Iran remained the country with the least internet freedom. In contrast, Iceland gives the most freedom to its citizens where authorities exercise least control over internet and nearly 96% of the population enjoys easy access at home. Estonia, Canada, Australia, Germany and the United States are all offering highest internet freedoms. Following is a list of top 10 countries where online data is least censored as per Freedom House report. The country with lowest score is least censoring the internet.

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Top 10 Internet-Censored Countries

Internet is the most useful invention of modern era but today it is getting polluted with lots of rubbish content and services that needs to be censored at any cost to have beneficial usage. Most countries have highest internet censorship to control what can be accessed, viewed or published on the web. The concerned authorities are making full effort to block websites of inappropriate contents and services that are not only posing threat to group of individual but also to the whole country. Many communities demand censorship on the basis of culture, religion and moral value.. In some countries, media and internet are censored during regime of the dictators, and punishment is given to person on uploading any undesired information to the personal websites.

Censoring internet is inevitable to stop damaging affect of advanced IT sector. The level of censorship varies from country to-country. While the most democratic countries have minimum internet censorship while the other countries have put strong restriction on access websites. Following is a list of top 10 countries where online data is highly censored and can expose you to high risk if you do some trick to access what is prohibited. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, several Asian countries and the Middle East areas are recognized as highly- censored  access on large scale. Tale a look of top 10 internet-censored countries, based on CPJ report:

1. North Korea
Government exercises full control over all websites. About 4% of the population enjoys internet access.

2. Burma
Authorities apply highest internet censorship on e-mails and block access to websites that violate human rights or against interest of government.

3. Cuba
Internet can only be accessed through government controlled “access points” that keeps eyes on activities through IP tracking, keyword blocking and search history. The country has lowest ratio of the computers per capita in the Latin America.  Only pro-government users are allowed to publish information on the web.

4. Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is also amongst the highly-censored internet countries where about 400, 000 sites couldn’t be access in the country, especially sites that discuss politics, social values or religions that is contrary to Islamic teaching and induce monarchy.

5. Iran
Every person who wants to launch website is required to register at the Ministry of Art and Culture. Those that make statement against mullahs, who run the country, are harassed and jailed. High censoring is being applied throughout the country and sites that contain content against religion and mullahs are blocked immediately.

6. China
China has the highly censored internet system in the world. The authorities filter queries, stop websites and removes inappropriate material, changing search related to Taiwan independence or the Tiananmen Square massacre to stuff in the interest of Communist Party.

7. Syria
Syrian authorities arrest any blogger who make statement against government or any sort of opinions that are considered harmful to national unity. Furthermore, the websites that are pointing out evils of the government are also blocked immediately. Cybercafés are required to inquire all their users for identification and keep record of time of use and submit all record to the concerned authorities on demand.

8. Tunisia.
All Internet service providers in Tunisia are required to provide all information related IP addresses and personal details of all bloggers to the government. Highest internet censorship blocks inappropriate contents and keep eyes on e-mails. All online traffic goes through a central network under instant watch.

9. Vietnam
The Communist Party asks Yahoo, Google and Microsoft to disclose information related to all bloggers who use their medium to publish data on internet. It stops access to websites criticizing government, as well as those websites that speak for promoting democracy, prevalence of human rights and religious liberty.

10 . Turkmenistan
Government is the only Internet service provider in the country, blocking access to numerous WebPages and keeps record of all e-mail accounts in Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. A little attempt that violates the high censorship can result in severe punishment.

Top Ten Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed

Internet is one of the great inventions that have made this world a global village that is now being used by people of every country for social and business purposes. Global average internet connection speed is continually getting fast with advancement in technology. Highest speed internet or sometimes called broadband has made possible what was looking impossible before in the world of web. Now Fastest connection has become an important need of all countries since it satisfies people with numerous modern services related to every field whether it is schooling, banking, eCommerce,  entertainment or socializing, this versatile invention assists people in performing numerous tasks quickly and effortlessly with few clicks. With fastest connection, you can easily make video call without any interruption, watch movies online without waiting for buffering, do purchases online  and check your bank account balance while seating at home. High speed internet access carries many benefits than satisfying your impatience, much faster than dial-up, brings a lot of positive advantages to the whole country.   Akamai, a cloud services provider published their “State of the Internet Report” with statistics from information collected first quarter of 2014.  Based on its report, here we have list of top ten countries with the fastest internet speeds in the world. While looking fastest connection around the world, you may surprise that United States, the pioneer of internet, fails to impress.

Top Ten Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed.

Rank Country Avg. connection speed (Mbit/s)
1. South Korea 23
2. Japan 14.6
3. Switzerland 12.7
4. Netherlands 12.4
5. Latvia 12.0
6. Sweden 11.6
7. Czech Republic 11.2
8. Finland 10.7
9. Ireland 10.7
10. United States 10.5

South Korea has world’s fastest internet speed, beating all other countries with average speeds of 23 Mbit/s, double than in the United States.


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Top 10 Countries with Most Twitter Users

Nowadays, millions of interactions take place through social media platform every day. Twitter is one of the most popular platform of social media which has users from almost every country of the world, experiencing incredible growth in last few years and its users is growing across networks and countries. This post will surely be of great use to those searching for country with most number of Twitter users. Semiocast is an organisation that does research on social media trends and evaluate reactions of consumers on social media conversations. Based on its studies in January, 31st 2012 by semiocast, here we share some figure with you.

Top ten countries with most number of twitter accounts (Semiocast Report 2012)

As on January, 31st 2012, United states owned highest number of twitter account of around 107.7 million. Brazil was the second country with most number of 33.3 million accounts, surpassed Japan now third with 29.9 million accounts.


Top ten countries with highest percentage of internet users using Twitter (GlobalWebindex’s Report)

GlobalWebindex, an organization that monitor and analysis Social Media, published report on percentage of country’s populace actively using twitter. On analysis of data to find what percentage of different countries’ internet users actively engaged with it. According to its research, china had the most crazy populations of about 84.4 % Chinese Internet users report having used this platform despite of being blocked in the country

Top ten countries with highest share of Twitter (Beevolve’s Report 2012)

Beevolve’s social media measurement in 2012 to find users percentage from top ten countries revealed that about 51% users of twitter belong to United states. Beevolve’s list of top ranking was bit different from Semiocast’s report though released in same year.

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Top 10 YouTube Viewing Countries in the World

YouTube is the number one video sharing site on Web which was launched by three former employees of PayPal in 2005, afterward purchased by Google in 2006. Despite of being banned in most countries of world, YouTube is still the most viewed video sharing sites.  It headquarter is located in California, United States and it is now localized in 61 countries.  Now it is available in 61 languages to engage as much user as possible from most countries of world. Due to its fastest browning and new features, YouTube has become most viewed video website that allows its users to upload, view, and share videos without any limit.In 2007, YouTube Partner Program was started and now millions of creator has joined it from over 30 countries around the world who are making handsome amount of money from their videos.

There are many videos sharing website like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe but none is like YouTube. Users can create their own channel and upload any types of video to share with the world. There are many popular channels on YouTube that share entertaining videos to engaged users. This post is just to let you know about Top ten countries which are viewing YouTube the most in the world.

As per Media Culture website NMR, viewership of YouTube is at the highest point in U.K, Germany and India. These countries have billions of views on YouTube’s Top 100 channels. This accelerates the worth of these channel as well as the whole website across the world. About 20% of traffic comes from the US but it is not listed in top ten since we take into account viewership of top 100 channels. Check out the list of top ten countries which viewed the most in the world.

Top 10 Countries with most views for Top 100 Channels on YouTube

Rank Country Total Views For Top 100 Channels (Million)
1. United Kingdom 33,560
2. India 14,810
3. Germany 14,524
4. Canada 13,700
5. France 12,721
6. South Korea 11,809
7. Russia 11,492
8. japan 11,451
9. Brazil 10,856
10. Mexico 10,442



Facts about Youtube:
  • Monthly users: 1 billion.
  • Monthly view duration: 6 billion hours.
  • Upload Rate: 100hour/minute.

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Top 10 Countries With Most Facebook Users in the World

Facebook is the one of the most famous brand in the world of Social networking service. Again America, the pioneer country of internet, produced such an awesome website for socializing. Every internet user in the world sooner or later will become facebook’s member. Every advanced country has millions of inhabitants that are active users of facebook that making online socializing trendier than before. Most users are so addicted to it that they don’t go offline for a while,they can create his own personal profile,fan;s pages, add friends, join groups and most of all share views with the world. Telecom companies have introduced 3G and 4G in most countries, consequently facebook’s users has sharply increased. You can’t imagine any country where inhabitants are still unaware of facebook. The brand worth is increasing with joining of every new user that put money in Mark Zuckerberg’s account.
Internet has made this world a global village where people from any country can share their views via facebook. Most user are being attracted with introduction of new feature and application to socialize in an advance way and stay updated about what going on. Its Users are decreasing in some advanced countries of the world due to privacy issues and boredom. No doubt, facebook is the best Social networking service; none other can provide such remarkable services. Despite the fact that there is a large number of different social media websites, but none can stand in front of facebook. It has more users than the other social media websites despite being banned in some countries of the world. You can see the difference below.

Facts About Facebook

  • Founded: February 4, 2004
  • Subsidiaries: Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR, PrivateCore
  • Net income: US$1.50 billion (2013)
  •  Daily active user: 829 million

List of Top 10 Countries with most Facebook users in the world

Country Users in May 2013 (Million)
United States 982.18
Brazil 71.75
India 63.90
Indonesia 47.98
Mexico 42.38
Turkey 32.80
United Kingdom 31.16
Philippines 30.36
France 25.35
Germany 24.95



United States of America has the world’s highest number of facebook’s users. About 18.3 % users are from USA and Canada. Unlike the rest, U.K. and Germany are only countries of the world where users lost by 0.12 % and 264k respectively.

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Top 10 Countries with Most Mobile Phone Users

Mobile phone has become the growing need of current era of technology since with introduction of amazing features its demand is continuously increasing in most countries of the world. It’s no longer be part of telecommunication but owing to its diverse benefits, it has become vital accessory of modern world for fun like gaming, surfing internet, video making and so on. Based on latest survey done by International Telecommunication Union, it is estimated that its users will touch figure of 7.3 billion in 2014 if the number of users are continuously growing at such highest rate. Mobile phone will drive developing countries in near future where large scope for more penetration is available. Currently, majority of users are switching over to Smartphone since it is affordable and 3G supported, consequently online internet user via mobile phone is also growing in advanced countries of the world.

Mobile phone, the most useable invention, has completely changed the communication field, connecting two peoples setting on opposite corner of the world without wire that would be a magic for any Stone Age person. Interestingly in some countries, the number of mobile phone are greater than their population which means that individual owns more than one cell and telecommunication companies are making the most of it by capturing demand of each individual with its new applications. Its usage has increased that meets the demands of 60% world’s population. Check out the list of top ten countries which have most mobile phones user.

List of Top 10 countries with the most mobile phones in the world

Rank Country Total Number of Mobile Phones(Million)
1. China 1,227.4
2. India 904.5
3. United States 327.6
4. Brazil 276.2
5. Russia 256.1
6. Indonesia 236.8
7. Nigeria 167.4
8. Pakistan 140.0
9. Japan 121.2
10. Bangladesh 116.5



China has the world’s largest mobile phone market of 1,227.4 million. The country’s three telecommunications operators show 0.7 percent monthly increase in the number of mobile subscribers while 90.9 % population owns their personal cell phone.

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Which Country is Most Powerful in the World

Ranking the Most Powerful countries in the World is tough one since number of factors need to be considered to calculate the word ‘power’. Now country can’t be the world’s most powerful simply because it has largest army, certain aspects has attain special value in 21st century. Now economy, technology, population and diplomatic influence has joined military to decide the power of any country. The National Power Index is the best approach to rank the strongest countries of the world. This index is the combination of five sub indexes which evaluate economic system, military strength, human capital , technology, energy security and diplomatic influence. The latest National Power Index of the top 10 most powerful countries is given below:

Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in the World

Rank Country National Power Index
1. United States 0.90
2. China 0.85
3. France 0.84
4. United Kingdom 0.83
5. Germany 0.77
6. Russia 0.77
7. Japan 0.75
8. Italy 0.70
9. Canada 0.68
10. Spain 0.67



United states is the most powerful country in the world as it ranks first in GDP, defense spending , technology and foreign affairs. It heads the power index since it is the third most populous country with world’s highest nominal GDP. It has 2nd largest army equipped with latest technology. Its diplomatic power continues to exercise international influence all over the world. It is likely to remain the strongest in the world for at least another decade. China is the second most powerful state which has the world’s highest population. China is behind united states in technology and global influence but it is moving forward in every sector and continuously expanding its global sphere of influence. Analysts predict that it will overtake US in near future.

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