Which Countries Have the Most 4G Mobile Users
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Which Countries Have the Most 4G Mobile Users

Who wouldn’t like the highest ever downloading and uploading speeds in your own country? The mobile service came into being when GSM service was introduced which offered lower uploading and downloading speeds to internet users. With the passage of time, lots of improvements were made to the cellular services which revolutionized the mobile services to 3G (3rd Generation) and 4G (4th Generation) services in most advanced countries of the world. The 4G is termed as the LTE (Long Term Evolution) service which can increase the downloading and uploading speed up to 100 times faster than the older networks. Now every internet user can get the higher speeds on their smartphones using 4G technology which makes it easy for them to access and store their data at amazing speeds. With the introduction of 4G LTE band, the portability, flexibility and reliability of internet on smartphones have increased to a great extent. Though it is a lot expensive than the older 2G and 3G networks but it is worth it. There is no doubt that internet has revolutionized the world. Internet is needed everywhere even a small child would need internet for their study purposes. Coming to the point, the majority of the countries are the users of 4G mobile service but few of them are not blessed with this lightening speed technology. But the countries that do have this technology are blessed with huge number of users of it. For your assistance, we are providing a list that will guide you about the countries with most 4G users in the world along with their statistics:

Ten countries with most 4G mobile users as per CIA World Fact book Rankings (2014)

Ranking Country Total Mobile Users (In millions) 4G Mobile Users (In millions)
1 South Korea 52.5 30.3
2 Japan 132.8 26.9
3 Australia 24.5 4.9
4 United States 290.3 58.6
5 Sweden 11.2 1.4
6 Canada 27.4 2.9
7 United Kingdom 81.6 3.3
8 Germany 108.7 2.4
9 Russia 236.7 2.7
10 Philippines 94.2 1.1

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