Which Country has the Highest Birth Rate
Which Country has the Highest Birth Rate
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Which Country has the Highest Birth Rate

Birth rate is now very high in all countries of world due to recent advancement in medical treatment. Early marriages, poverty, illiteracy, culture, religious belief and preference of a male  leads to high birth rate in country. Some countries of world need more population for optimum utilization of natural resources and high economic growth at the cost of pollution and depletion of resources.  Age and sex structure of the population affect birth rate of country.

Country Births/1,000 population in 2013
Niger 46.84
Mali 46.06
Uganda 44.50
Burkina Faso 42.81
Zambia 42.79
Somalia 41.45
Burundi 40.04
Malawi 39.98
Republic of the Congo 39.63
Angola 39.16



Niger, west African landlocked country, has highest birth rate in the world. Strict adherence to Islam is one of the main reasons.  According to their belief children are blessing of God. Young marriages, polygamy, poverty, illiteracy are greatly involved in highest birth rate of Niger.

Source : CIA Factbook

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