Teenage Pregnancy

Which Country has Highest Teenage Pregnancy Rate

Getting pregnant before celebrating 20th birthday is very common in 21st century. High teen pregnancy is problem faced by many countries of the world. About 10% of all births are to teenage mothers, 90% of these are in developing countries of world. Unlike developed nations, in developing countries teenage parents are often married and their pregnancy is fully supported by family and society. It is considered that teenage pregnancy puts limit on economic, educational and physical development of both mother and infant. Media propagation, early marriage, sexual abuse, poverty, illiteracy and childhood environment are some key factors for high pregnancy rate in country. It also increases overall birth rate and population of country. Here we have listed the top 10 countries with highest teenage pregnancies.

Country Teenage Births/1,000 women in 1998
United States 52.1
United Kingdom 30.8
New Zealand 29.8
Slovak Republic 26.9
Hungary 26.5
Iceland 24.7
Portugal 21.2
Canada 20.2
Poland 18.7
Ireland 18.7


United state has highest teenage pregnancy rate in the world. 52 in 1000 teen American girls will get pregnant before age of 20. The number of babies born to women aged 15–19 in US was 367,752 in 2010.

Highest Birth rates for women aged 15–19 in United States is now decreasing.

Source : http://www.unicef-irc.org

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