Which Country has the Highest Suicide Rate
Which Country has the Highest Suicide Rate
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Which Country has the Highest Suicide Rate

Suicide is now becoming a major problem and, tragically, a leading cause of death in some countries of the world. Countries of world with highest rate have high drug consumption  and unemployment issues . A philosophy of Suicide is to have permanent solution to a temporary problem. Feeling trapped in a situation that induce feeling of helpless and hopeless can motivate someone to start acting recklessly for doing suicide.

In past 4 decades, record shows approx 60% increase in global suicide rate. Currently it constitute 1.8% of total deaths in all countries of world. It is estimated that 16 out of 100,000 population commits suicide that make one million deaths annually in all the countries of world. Rich countries have higher rates than developing nations.

Top 10 Countries with Highest Suicide Rates in the World

Lithuania, the largest of the three Baltic states,  is the country which has highest suicide rate as compared to other countries of world. Economic and social transition over the last decade in the country may appear linked to it. High poverty in rural areas, lack of societal tolerance and increasing drug use in the country are some main reason of highest suicide rate.


Lithuania Summary
Location: Northern Europe
Population: 2,955,986
Capital: Vilnius
GDP per capita (2013): $22,566 (PPP)
$15,632 (Nominal)
Area 65,300 km2
Source: http://www.mapsofworld.com

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