Which Countries Have the Most Catholics Now ?
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Which Countries Have the Most Catholics Now ?

The world is full of people belonging to various religions, casts or creeds. Depending on the beliefs and religious traditions, people have adopted various religions corresponding to their ancestors. Few of the significant religions in the world include Islam, Christianity, Jewish and etc. The percentage of Catholicism in the world is comparatively high and they are in majority. About half of the total population in the world belongs to Catholic beliefs that are called the Christians. The followers of Jesus (Hazrat Eesa (R.A) in Islam) are basically the catholic people. Christianity has been the most dominant in terms of total religious population. but the Islamic religion is the strongest and powerful of all of them. The usual events in Christianity include Easter, Christmas Day and various others like these. The fasting period of Christians is a 24 hour period in which they spend the time without eating or drinking something just for the sake of Jesus.
From time to time, the percentage of Catholic population has increased tremendously. From the Pew Research Center report in 2010, the total catholic population has increased to a great margin. Over the past century, Catholics population has increased by three time, from an estimated 291 million in 1910 to nearly 1.1 billion as of 2010. Catholics still comprise about half (50%) of Christians worldwide and 16% of the total global population. By 2010, by contrast, only about a quarter of all Catholics (24%) were in Europe. The largest share (39%) was in Latin America and the Caribbean. In several countries with large Catholic populations, the share of the populace identifying as Catholic has declined over the last decade. Brazil has the largest Catholic population in the world having two-third self-identified Catholics in 2010. Mexico, the country with the second-largest Catholic population in the world with 85% adherents in 2010. Given below is the ten countries which have most catholic population in 2010.

Rank Country Total Catholic Population Catholic Population Percentage Percentage of World’s Catholic Population
1 Brazil 126,750,000 65 11.7
2 Mexico 96,450,000 85 8.9
3 Philippines 75,57,000 81 7
4 United States 75,380,000 24.3 7
5 Italy 49,170,000 81.2 4.6
6 Colombia 38,100,000 82.3 3.5
7 France 37,930,000 60.4 3.5
8 Poland 35,310,000 92.2 3.3
9 Spain 34,670,000 75.2 3.2
10 Congo 31,210,000 47.3 2.9

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