Which Country has the Highest HIV/AIDS rate in the World
Which Country has the Highest HIV/AIDS rate in the World
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Which Country has the Highest HIV/AIDS rate in the World

In AIDS, Human immunodeficiency virus weaks immunity system of body. Nearly 35 million people are currently living with HIV in the world. About 36 million deaths happened due to AIDS so far. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most people with HIV living in developing countries of world do not have access to treatment. Highest rate of 97% AIDS patients reside in low- and middle-income countries of world. However treatment in poor countries has increased 10-fold since 2002. Preventive measure are introduced by organization working against AIDS in most prevalent areas. Unprotected sexual intercourse, contaminated blood needles syringes and transmission from mother are some common causes of HIV transmission.

Top 10 Countries with highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world in 2012

Country people living with HIV/AIDS
South Africa 6,070,800
Nigeria 3,426,600
Kenya 1,646,000
Uganda 1,549,200
Tanzania 1,472,400
Zimbabwe 1,368,100
United States 1,200,000
Malawi 1,129,800
South Africa has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS compared to any other country in the world with 6.07 million people infected with HIV. About 270,000 HIV related deaths recorded in 2011. (UNAIDS)

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