Which Countries have Highest Rates Of Ebola
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Which Countries have Highest Rates Of Ebola

The deadliest and largest Ebola epidemic in history is highly affecting the poorest countries of Africa that was first found in Guinea in December 2013 and now it has since spread to several West African countries. Substantial efforts have been made in all WHO Regions to improve Ebola readiness to fight with worse epidemics and now most cases of Ebola has been contained, with no further spread in other societies. Most affected Countries from Ebola virus experiences highest fatality rate of 70%. Its symptoms are quite same as malaria and only few testing centers, which are equipped to perform PCR or ELISA tests, can diagnosis the patients suffering from Ebola. The number of people affected and of the geographical magnitude of the outbreak is quite difficult to tell since most patent dies at home due to distant healthcare centers in poorest countries of Africa. Extreme poverty, highest illiteracy rate and dysfunctional healthcare system all causing delay in responding to the outbreak are the most possible cause of failure to control the epidemic but now Officials are now planning to rapidly isolating patients to prevent Ebola transmission in communities.

The three poorest countries which have highest rate of Ebola epidemics are Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. CDC estimates that condition is more worse in three most affected countries than recorded and cases are expected to be two to three times higher than officially reported numbers.

Country Cases Deaths Date of Information
Liberia 8,478 3,605 18 January 2015
Sierra Leone 10,340 3,145 18 January 2015
Guinea 2,871 1,876 18 January 2015
Nigeria 20 8 outbreak ended 19 October 2014
Mali 8 6 outbreak ended 18 January 2015
United States 4 1 outbreak ended 21 December 2014
United Kingdom 1 0 18 January 2015
Senegal 1 0 outbreak ended 17 October 2014
Spain 1 0 outbreak ended 2 December 2014
Source: WHO

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