Top 10 Countries with Lowest Life Expectancy

Sensible people understand the value of life and consistently make an effort to lower the risk associated with life and to become strong and healthy for making the most of every single moment for longer duration. Life expectancy is described as estimated average number of years of one’s life at their birth in a particular region or country provided mortality at each age remains constant in the future.. Many aspects such as mortality rates, healthcare systems, diet standard and economic issue are brought into consideration while making such estimates since all these factors somehow affect the health of people. Since life expectancy is the average of mortality at all ages therefore it is largely affected by children death rate. Developing countries are facing challenges of highest death rate as a result life expectancy is lowest there.  People of Monaco can expect the longest expected life of 90 years while least developed countries of Africa have world’s highest mortality rate and lowest life expectancy. When its come to whole world estimation, it is generally observed that Men live shorter than women. To shed some on our topic, here we have list of countries with the least life expectancy, based on CIA factbook.

Top Ten countries with Lowest Life Expectancy at Birth 2014

Rank Country No. Of Expected
Years of life
1. Chad 49.44
2. South Africa 49.56
3. Guinea-Bissau 49.87
4. Afghanistan 50.49
5. Swaziland 50.54
6. Central African Republic 51.35
7. Somalia 51.58
8. Zambia 51.83
9. Namibia 51.85
10. Gabon 52.06



Chad has world’s lowest life expectancy of 49. 44 years. Male and female are expected to live a life of 48.3 years and 50.63 years respectively in Chad. HIV/AIDS is most prevalent in the country having rate of 4. 8 %.

Source: CIA Factbook

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