Top 10 Countries with Highest Infant Mortality Rates
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Top 10 Countries with Highest Infant Mortality Rates

Having children is the biggest gift of nature that provides immense happiness at every stage of life. None wants to lose their infants and always keep trying to save them at any cost but it isn’t easy to save of infants since their immune system is too weak to fight with horrible world of diseases. According to estimate, ten million infants and children die annually worldwide before reaching age of five and 99% of these deaths occur in developing countries.  And 86% of these deaths are due to infections, premature births, complications during delivery, and parental asphyxia and birth injuries. Low birth weight makes up 60–80% of the infant mortality rate in least developed countries where financial and material resources are limited and having culture of high tolerance to high number of infant deaths. Environmental and social boundaries reduce access to basic medical facilities and thus contribute to a growing infant mortality rate in most countries.  Other causes of highest mortality are low literacy level of mother, harsh environmental conditions, cheap medical facilities, poor sanitation system, less access to clean drinking water and lack of immunization against infectious diseases. The most prevalent factor involved in high children death rate is dehydration from diarrhea, a preventable disease. Infant mortality rate is the reflection of the country’s health and social condition, mostly taken as an important tool to draw conclusion on the level of socioeconomic disparity within a country.   It is found that a diminishment in infant mortality is a challenging issue in which many factors-social, economic and racial-are involved. Following table will let you know the top ten countries having the largest mortality rates in the world.

Top Ten Countries with Highest Mortality Infant Rate

Rank Country (Infant’s deaths/1,000 live births) 2014 estimate
1. Afghanistan 117.23
2. Mali 104.34
3. Somalia 100.14
4. Central African Republic 92.86
5. Guinea-Bissau 90.92
6. Chad 90.30
7. Niger 86.27
8. Angola 79.99
9. Burkina Faso 76.80
10. Nigeria 74.09
Afghanistan has the highest infant mortality rate in the world. Afghan do not have access to any type of medical services, About 85% of the country’s population live 3-4 hours away from health care centers. Literacy rate is too low nearly 15 % of Afghan women are literate and 70% of school age girls do not attend classes for several reasons that contributing to world’s highest infant mortality within the country.
Source: CIA Factbook

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