Where is the Largest Seaport in the World
Where is the Largest Seaport in the World
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Where is the Largest Seaport in the World

A seaports are made for allowing ships to load and unload cargo without coming to seashore. It provide services for handling and storing merchandize. Offices of shipping companies, Ship building and repairing are commonly located near ports for services to clients. It is essential requirement of country trade. There are numerous giant popular seaports in the world. Seaports provide foundation for economic activities of countries and allow trader to carry our trade with whole world economically. The twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) is unit often used to measure handling capacity of container ships and ports but there is no standard way of evaluating port performance and traffic. Freight tons (volume measurement), revenue tons and metric tons (weight) are measuring unit commonly used by port of different countries . All units are converted (where necessary) to metric tons for data comparison. On comparison of this unit of calculation, we have ranked top 10 biggest seaports in the world. Most of these big sea ports located in Asia continent mostly in China .

Remember, Continuous modification of port may affect our  list of largest marine ports in the world. Development taking place in every sector of world specially seaports are becoming more advance in order to manage cargo transportation economically and spreading its commercial network for increasing trade activities. In marine port’s sector, china is leading the whole world. This clearly shows competitive spirit of the Asian super-power and can be noticed in our below list.

Top Ten Largest Seaport in the World

Ranking Name Country Total Cargo(Metric Ton)in 2010
1 Shanghai China 650,000,000
2 Ningbo-Zhoushan China 627,000,000
3 Singapore Singapore 463,074,600
4 Rotterdam Netherlands 429,900,000
5 Tianjin China 408,000,000
6 Guangzhou China  400,000,000
7 Qingdao China 350,100,000
8 Dalian China 300,800,000
9 Hong Kong China 267,815,000
10 Busan South Korea 241,132,000



Question: Where are the Largest Seaport of world located ?
Shanghai port of china is the largest port of world with annual cargo tonnage of 736 million in 2012. It was Opened in 1842. Now it has five operational spots. It includes the heads of the Yangtze River, Huangpu River and Qiantang River. East China Sea is present in its east and Hangzhou Bay in south. It is hub of trade for its densely populated province like Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Henan.


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