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Ten Countries with Largest Atomic Energy Production

It is globally recognized that nuclear energy is one of the cheapest and greatest ways to produce efficient and massive quantity of power.  Not every country in the world is blessed with this but those who are, they are getting most benefit from it as compared to those who are still deprived of this technology. To produce nuclear energy is the cheapest form of power generation but for that, countries need licensing from UN International Atomic Energy Agency. After the proper licensing and founding of nuclear elements, a country is all set to go on in the atomic energy production.

Atomic energy generation is not only environment friendly but it is the most beneficial for country’s economy as every citizen can get electricity at very affordable and cheaper rates. Nuclear power has always remained the most important and viable form of energy and will continue to be so since it remains the most economical and environment friendly ways to fulfill the energy and power needs of any country.

The products of Nuclear power not only include electricity but the atomic weapons, bombs and various others like these are also included. One drawback of it is that if goes in wrong way, it can destroy the surroundings like pollution of environment by toxic radiations, disability in citizens as well as the upcoming and new born babies etc. Precautionary measures must be taken before deploying the atomic plants to avoid any danger to humanity for such a longer span of time. But besides that, the nuclear power will be the eternal source of largest scale energy generation than other sources for at least next 50 years.

Taking a look at UN International Atomic Energy Agency’s reports, several countries are listed as the largest atomic energy producers in the world but top most of them are listed below along with their total number of power reactors and further statistics.

Rank Country Number of Nuclear Reactors in Operation Capacity – Net Total (MW) Electricity Generation (GW.h) in 2014 Share of Domestic Generation (%)
1 France 58 63130 418001.4 76.9
2 Slovakia 4 1814 14420.34 56.8
3 Hungary 4 1889 14777.73 53.6
4 Ukraine 15 13107 83122.79 49.4
5 Belgium 7 5927 32093.74 47.5
6 Sweden 10 9470 62270.05 41.5
7 Switzerland 5 3333 26467.9 37.9
8 Slovenia 1 688 6060.82 37.2
9 Czech Republic 6 3904 28636.78 35.8
10 Finland 4 2752 22645.96 34.6

As it can be seen from the given statistics and rankings, France dominates all the other countries in Atomic energy production with total of 58 nuclear reactors in operation which generate world’s largest output of 418001.4 GWh, sharing 76.9% of the total domestic energy generation.

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Top 10 Wind Energy Producing Countries 2013

Wind power is a main pillar of tomorrow’s energy production that provides clean and climate-friendly energy; furthermore eliminate susceptibility to the price volatility of imported fuel. It’s a great time for all countries to stop reliance on fossil fuels and start depending on renewable sources like wind to get long term benefits that can be produced in great amount in almost every country of the world that will brings many advantages such as energy security, Carbon dioxide reduction, and economic benefits. In today’s world, Wind Energy has become an important source of generating electricity since it is economical, effectively infinite and protects air. Most countries have started relying on renewable energy sources to have better energy security and more environmental protection. The production of wind energy has become more beneficial to people, industry and governments since it is not permanently depleted, less expensive and environment friendly. All countries are attempting to maximize their output from wind source, as a result production get doubled in every three to four years, reached the figure of 336 GW in June 2014, about 4% of global electricity consumption. Above 80 countries around the world are producing wind power on a commercial basis. Based on Global Wind Energy Council published report on the status of the global energy production, here we have list of top ten largest producers.

Top 10 Countries by Wind Power Electricity Production in 2013.

Rank Country Windpower Production Capacity (2013)
1. China 91,412
2. United States 61,091
3. Germany 34,250
4. Spain 22,959
5. India 20,150
6. United Kingdom 10,531
7. Italy 8,552
8. France 8,254
9. Canada 7,803
10. Denmark 4,772
China is the world’s  leader, both in terms of annual market and cumulative wind capacity. It is sharply increasing its installations in the late 2000s and surpassed the U.S. in 2010 to become the world leader in term of installed capacity. In 2013, country’s new wind installations were up by 24.1% from 2012, with 16.1 GW of new capacity added to the grid, reaching total capacity of 91.4GW. Xin Jiang ranked as the No 1 province in China in terms of wind development with a record capacity addition of 3,146MW.

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Top 10 Largest Oil Producing Countries in the World

Oil is the most common commodity to trade and valuable source of energy that has become more or less an important demand of every country across the world. Oil is essential for running economic cycle and disruption of its production may turn into disaster for the economy that’s why many countries resort to maintain large reverses of it to deal with any uncertainty. Countries with largest proven oil reserves are luckiest one in today’s world and if they start production  of it at large scale they would surely come in richest countries of the world with highest per capita income. The significant growth of transportation sector in some countries such as China and India putting great pressure on demand, forcing oil production to increase to keep price stable. It is estimated that in a few coming year, half of world’s demand growth will come from China. Based on the BP report, world’s Top 10 largest oil producers for 2013 are listed below; report is given in per day production of crude oil.

Top 10 Largest Oil Producing Countries in the world 2013

Rank Country Thousand barrels daily (2013) Share of world’s production
1. Saudi Arabia 11525 13.1%
2. Russian Federation 10788 12.9%
3. United States 10003 10.8%
4. China 4180 5.0%
5. Canada 3948 4.7%
6. United Arab Emirates 3646 4.0%
7. Iran 3558 4.0%
8. Iraq 3141 3.7%
9. Kuwait 3126 3.7%
10. Mexico 2875 3.4%



Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil producer with 11.75 million barrels per day production that amounted to 13% of world’s supply.  At the end of 2013, country’s proven reserves accounted for 15.8% of global reserves whereas its domestic demand stood at 3075 bbl/day. US and China are the world’s leading oil consumers, despite of being listed in top ten largest producers, both countries import oil to meet domestic needs.

Source: BP statistical review of world energy 2014

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Top 10 Renewable Energy Producers in the World

In today’s world, all countries need to think about whether to continue reliance on fossil fuels or start depending on renewable sources to have better energy security. Renewable energy resources are present in great amount in every country of the world, in contrast to other sources, which are blessed to few countries. Generating power from renewable sources brings many benefits to the country since it provides significant energy security, Carbon dioxide reduction , and economic benefits. Renewable Energy Policy is essential to keep pace of development plans of the country since it is the cheapest one which is now being produces at large scale in many countries. Many countries are blessed with large quantity of them but so far this potential has not been optimized except for large hydroelectric projects.  Renewable technologies are also suitable to rural and remote areas and developing countries, where energy is generally important in economical development since it has the ability to raise the living standard of masses of poorest countries to fulfill electricity demand at affordable prices. The usage of renewable energy is growing to be more valuable to people, industry and governments since it is not permanently depleted and ability to be produced in the future remains constant, furthermore it is less expensive having softer environmental impact.

According to REN21’s 2014 estimate, renewable s meets 19 percent of our demands in 2012 and generate 22% of world’s electricity and 2013. At least 30 countries around the world have already deployed technologies to generate power from renewable sources which accounted 20% of energy supply. New renewable sources, such as hydro, wind, solar and biofuels, as well as traditional biomass are excessively being used to generate electricity in the world. countries like China and the United States heavily spending in renewable technologies to generate energy from wind, hydro, solar and biofuels. This post will let you know about top ten countries with highest electricity production from renewable energy sources.

Top ten countries by electricity production from renewable sources

Rank Country Renewable Electricity Net Generation (Billion Kilowatthours) in 2011.
1. China 800.97
2. United States 527.49
3. Brazil 459.05
4. Canada 398.45
5. Russia 167.49
6. India 160.36
7. Germany 147.03  (2013)
8. Norway 121.40
9. Japan 116.30
10. Spain 110.72  (2013)



China is  the world’s largest energy producer from renewable sources of 800 Billion Kilowatthours. In 2013 China’s WWS sources (water, wind and solar) were close to 20% of energy generated. The country led the world in installation of new hydropower, wind, solar and nuclear electricity generation. It is also known as the world’s biggest producer and exporter of solar cells,  also ranking first in the world in installed wind power capacity.
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

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Which Country Uses the Most Solar Energy

Energy generation is the leading factors for progress of all countries of the world and recently many countries are exploring new alternative sources of energy to minimize carbon footprint and costs . Solar energy is the best option as it can be Quickly installed and dismantled, Suitable solution for remote areas, cheapest as well as harmless. This is getting most popular and growing mean of energy in most developed countries of world. Many countries are applying solar device and start relying on it as an alternative sources of energy generation.

Surface of the Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) from solar radiation. Approximately 30% is reflected back to space and the rest is absorbed by earth. Renewable energy is the fastest-growing energy sources in world by increasing 2.5 percent annually and solar is third most important renewable source of power generation. Photovoltaics and Solar thermal energy are two main techniques being used for producing solar power. The global photovoltaic volume reached 136 GW (+35%) by the end of 2013, enough to produce 160 TWh/year and can meet 0.85% of the power need of the entire world. According to Wikipedia, top five Countries of world on the basis of their estimated total photovoltaic peak power capacity in 2013 is shown in map.

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Germany is currently the global market leader in solar power production. Their capacity has reached 36 gigawatts (GW) by February 2014 and fulfills 6% of national electricity demands.
Source: wikipedia

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Which Countries Produce the Most Electricity

The production of cheapest electricity is a key for overall growth and development of a country. It is an important economic indicator that also reflects population size, natural resources and growth rate of country. World electricity generation increased 3.7% annually from 1971 to 2010 due to rural electrification and population growth. Major sources of power production are fossil fuels( mostly Coal), followed by renewable energy(mostly hydroelectric) and Nuclear. Currently production from oil is decreasing in many developing counties of world whereas use of renewable sources is increasing in developed countries.

Top 20 Countries by their Electricity production in the World (2011)

In 2011 China was the world’s largest power producer as compared to other countries of world. Net power generation of country was 4514 TWH in 2011, up 15% from 2010, according to EIA. China’s electricity production increased by more than 89% since 2005. Nearly 70% of the electricity produced was from fossil fuel with 66% attributed from coal.


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