Which are Least Corrupt Countries In The World
Which are Least Corrupt Countries In The World
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Which are Least Corrupt Countries In The World

Abuse of public office for private gain is the most prevalent issue in majorities of countries of world. It is normally happens by abuse of power, secret dealings and bribery. German non-profit organization “Transparency International” brings corruption report into public every year to tackle both international and national corruption in various countries of world. Its basic objective is to counter corruption in public dealings and to curb this serious worldwide problem in all countries of entire world.

Corruption Perceptions Index for 2013 of 177 countries has been published on the basis of perceived level of government corruption. According to the annual survey of Transparency International, Denmark, Finland, and New Zealand are reported as world’s least corrupt countries of the world whereas in the list of most corrupt countries of the world, Somalia, North Korea, and Afghanistan are on the top of list. In this index, if country is least corrupt it will score near 100 whereas if country is most corrupt it will score near zero. Here is top 10 least corrupt countries in the world with their score.

Rank Country Score
1. Denmark 91
2. New Zealand 91
3. Finland 89
4. Sweden 89
5. Norway 86
6. Singapore 86
7. Switzerland 85
8. Netherlands 83
9. Australia 81
10. Canada 81

Why Denmark and New zealand are least corrupt countries in the world

  • Danish welare society model is foundation for making Denmark least corrupt country in the world. This system provides fair working conditions, social security, health arrangements, decent salaries and pension schemes to refrain masses from corruption. Danes do not have to put money aside for bad times, as they will be provided for. Inclusive political culture makes it easier to prosecute politicians or companies responsible for irregularities
  • New Zealand politics is least corrupt country in the world due to its fairness of political competition. Serious Fraud Office (british model) and Organised Crime Agency are working impartially and independently to make New Zealand most fair country in the world. It investigate and prosecute any individuals involve in bribery and corruption. The Independent Police Conduct Authority receives complaints against New Zealand Police of any misconduct or neglect of duty by any member of Police. Ombudsman is appointed to insure fair treatment to be provided to all citizen of country while dealing with any government entities.

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