Top Ten Countries with Largest Religious Population

In today’s world we can find different beliefs that being followed in every single country but the most typical observation of our finding is that largest percentage of population are not properly understanding their religion and hardly ever make an effort to practice their faith in a real life, Consequently we see most people are converting religions for sake of mortal secular benefits But it not the sole reason, people now realize importance of belief to gain hope, internal peace and strength. Most religious countries are those where largest percentage of population is either strictly following their believes or identifying themselves as active followers. According to Gallup survey 2012, Global Distribution of Self-perceptions indicates that people perceived themselves as Religious are 59% of global population respectively. In this survey, people of all countries were asked, Irrespective of whether they attend a place of worship or not, would they say they are a religious person or a convinced atheist? Based on this report, here we have list of Top ten countries which are perceived as the most religious having highest percentage of people practicing their religion and viewing themselves as non secular.

Top Ten Most Religious Countries In the world

1. Ghana

According to Gallup Study in 2012, Ghana was ranked as the most religious country of the world with 96% population think of themselves as active followers. It has over ethnic domination while Christianity is the largest religion here which is reckoned at 71% of the population whereas followers of Islam stand at 17 %.

2. Nigeria

About 93 % Nigerian are active followers of their religion making Nigeria the second most religious country of the world. Approx 50. 8 % and 47. 8 % of population is following Christianity and Islam respectively while remaining figure is shared among other beliefs.

3. Armenia

Currently 92% Armenians are considered themselves as active followers of their beliefs that make Armenia the third most religious nation in the world. Armenia is the country with largest Christians population of about 92. 6% Armenians following Christianity. It is also called “first Christian nation” since it adopt Christianity as its official religion first of all nation.

4. Fiji
Fiji is the fourth most religious country with religiosity rate stands at 92 %. It is most remote region where religion was brought by Methodist missionaries in 19th century. Protestants are present in largest percentage, accounts for 45 % population while Hinduism, second largest belief, followed by 27.9% Fijian.

5. Macedonia

Macedonia is the fifth most religious country of the world; nearly 90 % Macedonian are viewing themselves as active worshipers. Different conquerors brought different believes in Macedonia. Christianity and Islam are the largest religions which were brought by Byzantines and Ottoman Turks respectively. Orthodox accounts for 64.7% of Macedonia’s population

6. Romania

About 89% of country’s population consider themselves as strict followers of their religion. Eastern Orthodoxy, largest religious denomination, accounts for 81.9 % of Romanian population whereas 5.2 % Romanian are Protestants. Remaining figure is shared by various beliefs.

7. Iraq
Iraq is the seventh most religious country having 88 % population identify themselves as active followers. The only Islamic state in this list has 97% Muslim population that following their faith to eliminate uncertainty and unrest in their life and bring peace and prosperity.

8. Kenya

With religiosity rate of 88 %, Kenya ranks as 8th most religious country in the world. Christianity is the largest religion  which accounts for 82.5 % of population, followed by Islam (11.1 %). World highest number of Quakers is present in Kenya.

9. Peru

About 86% of Peruvians perceive themselves as strict adherent of their religion. Catholic is the largest domination which accounts for 81.3 % of country’s population. Christianity was brought by Spanish and missionaries.

10. Brazil

With religiosity rate of 85 %, Brazil leads South America nations in term of adherent percentage and ranks as 10th most religious country of the world. Catholicism is the largest sect in Brazil that was brought by Portuguese colonizers, now being followed by 64.6 % of population.

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