Which Country has Best Doctors in the World
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Which Country has Best Doctors in the World

First-world countries are famous for best doctors in the world but it is not necessary that countries having highest number of good doctors should have good healthcare system because it mainly depend on better public services and easy access to expensive treatment. Best doctor is the one who is curious to understand the feeling of patients with humility, driven by passion for care and uses his medical wisdom in the best possible way to cure the disease. The superior doctor should have a thorough and sound updated knowledge of modern research and development in medical field, always try to prevent sickness rather than treating actual or impending sickness and accept ultimate responsibility for his actions.

The country with the best doctors in the world is the USA, but it has one of the worst healthcare systems in the western world because a lot of people cannot afford expensive medical services that are being provided within country where doctors are amongst the highest paid professionals in the workforce. Consequently, America has become an appealing destinations for the talented medical students from other poor countries of world who seek a good education and high living standard and US is taking advantage from brain drain of best foreign talent.

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