Top 10 Countries with Largest Forest Area
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Top 10 Countries with Largest Forest Area

Forests are vitally important to the health of our planet as they carry many ecological, economical and social benefits. Many countries are now trying to have sustainable forests to conserve global biodiversity, atmosphere purification and climate moderation. According to expert, 25% area of any country should be covered with trees and forests but there are many countries of world have no or less than 10 percent of their total land area covered with them. Millions of people depend on them for their survival and demand for land, agriculture, building , timber and paper leads to rapid deforestation which is growing problem of modern era . Global net loss between 2000 and 2010 was 5.2 million hectares per year but still many countries of world are managing to expand their forest, either through planting or natural processes.

Top 10 Countries With Largest Forest Area In the World

Rank Country Forest area 2010 (1000 Hectares ) % of Country’s
land area
share (%)
1. Russian Federation 809,090 49 20.06
2. Brazil 519,522 62 12.88
3. Canada 310,134 34 7.69
4. United States of America 304,022 33 7.54
5. China 206,861 22 5.13
6. Democratic Republic of the Congo 154,135 68 3.82
7. Australia 149,300 19 3.70
8. Indonesia 94,432 52 2.34
9. Sudan 69,949 29 1.73
10. India 68,434 23 1.70



Russian Federation has world’s largest forest area of 809 million hectares. About 49 % land of country is covered by them which accounts for 20% of the world’s forest area.
Source: FRA2010

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