World's Largest Uranium Producing Countries
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World’s Largest Uranium Producing Countries

Production of uranium is escalating in most countries to meet the growing demand for power generation in the world. Main growth in its production comes in developed countries, where the technology is advanced, to meet the large demand for electricity. Situ Leach Mining is the safest and cost effective techniques of uranium extraction which is largely applied by 46% of its global production. Most countries had open new mines for it with the recovery of its prices in 2003. In 2013, four Largest companies named KazAtomProm, Cameco, Areva and ARMZ marketed 60% of the world’s uranium mine production. Here we have list of its largest producers countries as per World Nuclear Association report 2014.



Kazakhstan is the world’s largest producer of uranium from mines which accounted for 38% of global production from mines in 2013. It holds 12% of the world’s uranium resources having highest annual supply of 22,550 tonnes in 2013. It is now producing nuclear fuel pellets with an aims to capture 30% of the global fuel fabrication market by 2015.The country is on its way to develop new reactors with collaboration of Russian for its own use and export. Situ leach mining has been sharply increasing its global share, mainly due to Kazakhstan. Canada and Australia stand at second and third largest producer having world’s share of 16% and 11% respectively. These top three producers account for 64% of global uranium production.
Source: World Nuclear Association

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