Which Countries Have the Most Gold?
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Which Countries Have the Most Gold?

Gold is in fact the most loved and demanded natural resource in the world. The demand isn’t only for the citizens but the governments also wish to be blessed with largest gold reserves which serve a massive share towards their economy. Any country gifted with the such precious reserves will surely be globally recognized among the wealthiest ones. It is now being used for various purposes such as Jewelry, sports medals, sports trophies are all created with it. Who wouldn’t like to be in possession of gold regardless of its quantity! From the last decade, its prices are tremendously with every days passed which keeps it away from the reach of poor or lower middle class families. Seeing this situation, the country to have the most gold reserves will surely dominate its surrounding neighbors. This blessing of nature can turn anything around at any time. Various countries in the world have largest gold mines or reserves which hold a significant share towards world’s production. This not only increases the worth of any economy but also shares a significant part in generating bulk amount of foreign reserves. Everyone want to know which nations are most blessed with such a rich and momentous natural resource and here we are providing a list of countries with the most gold reserves along with their statistics below. This list is based on report published by World Gold Council which ranked ten countries that hold highest reserves.

Ranking Country Official Gold Holdings (Tons) Percentage of Foreign Reserves in Gold
1 USA 8133.5 71.1
2 Germany 3387.1 68.7
3 Italy 2451.8 67.2
4 France 2435.4 66.1
5 China 1054.1 1.2
6 Switzerland 1040.1 8.3
7 Russia 1015.1 8.3
8 Japan 765.2 2.6
9 Netherlands 612.5 54
10 India 557.7 8.4

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