Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World
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Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World

With the passage of time, world is getting advanced but at the cost of immense pollution due to carbon emission from industries and automobiles. In today’s world, Improved science gives us a better understanding of the linkage between pollution and human health, and to deal with . Keeping whole country clean is no small challenge especially when we talk about major metropolitan cities it seems impossible. Nations that maintain a balance between population and sanitation and do hard work are most likely to be called cleanest and most efficient countries. Today, world is confronting big challenge of the greenhouse effects, and it has polluted environment to such an extent that survival of human life is in danger, that inducing a need for all countries are come together and working collaboratively to overcome a range of environmental threats, from declining fishing stocks to global warming. Scientists have highly recommended that environmental laws be regulated to save environment. Europe has done that, while other countries have been stuck  and completed failed to take significant measures to minimize this rapidly growing issue. Protecting forests and maintaining rich biodiversity are mostly listed in top ten cleanest nations since both lures for ecotourists but it doesn’t mean that these are also top most beautiful countries in the world. Economies are also handicapped if there is lack of cleanest environment; suffer from scant and poor-quality manpower or being affected by depleted fishing stocks and weakened agriculture sector.

Yale University’s Center for Environmental Law and Policy introduced the EPI index to reveal the top ten cleanest countries in the world, and give helpful guide to concerned authorities to improve their own environments and the health of their citizens. This is the broad evaluation of ecosystem, health of fisheries, the quantity of greenhouse gases and the diversity of its plants and animals in the country. According to this index, the cleanness of developed countries is better than rest of the world because of low population and vast open spaces, beautiful forests and comparatively much better fresh air. Most European countries are amongst the list of top ten environmental performers since Europe has the infrastructure to efficiently treat waste water and supply cleanest drinking water to its citizens and, decreasing the possibility that Europeans will be affected from waterborne disease. We found beauty everywhere in these countries, having quality of fresh air, perfect outdoor spaces, and the cleanest cities that why Europe always ranks in top ten in EPI’s environmental health index, which calculates the consequences of pollution on human wellbeing. To further shed some more light on this prominent issue, the following is the top 10 cleanest countries in the world.

Rank Country Environmental Performance Index 2014
1. Switzerland 87.67
2. Luxembourg 83.29
3. Australia 82.40
4. Singapore 81.78
5. Czech Republic 81.47
6. Germany 80.47
7. Spain 79.79
8. Austria 78.32
9. Sweden 78.09
10. Norway 78.04

Switzerland is the world’s cleanest country with an overall EPI score of 87.67 out of 100. It is home to the cleanest water and air in the world. The dense forests, ample wildlife and safe and clean water are some key factors to be ranked at top of EPI ranking. Switzerland has many famous majestic landscapes, making it a tourist dreamland.

Source : Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy

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