Which Country has the Highest Population Growth Rate
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Which Country has the Highest Population Growth Rate

World’s population has grown up to 7 billion and is still growing at alarming rate. Growth rate varies from country to country while developing economies experience high rate that is the major obstacles in their way to prosperity, burdening governments to increase their infrastructure and resources. Country’s population grows as a result of internal and external factors. More births than death results in internal growth which is largely affected by abortion , age distribution, contraceptive measures and life expectancy while more immigration than emigration also contribute to increasing population. It is predicted to be extremely significant in the least developed countries of the world where fastest population growth rates is prevalent, most of which are on the UN’s list of 49 least developed countries. We have gather data to determine the countries with the fastest growing populations considering the level of factors described above. This rate is simply the percentage of annual population changes in the country. The CIA factbook reveals top 10 countries having highest growth rate in 2014.

Country Population growth rate 2014 (%)
Lebanon 9.37
Zimbabwe 4.36
South Sudan 4.12
Jordan 3.86
Qatar 3.58
Malawi 3.33
Niger 3.28
Burundi 3.28
Uganda 3.24
Libya 3.08



Lebanon population growth rate is the world’s fastest of 9.37 percent.

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