Top 10 Countries with Most Twitter Users
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Top 10 Countries with Most Twitter Users

Nowadays, millions of interactions take place through social media platform every day. Twitter is one of the most popular platform of social media which has users from almost every country of the world, experiencing incredible growth in last few years and its users is growing across networks and countries. This post will surely be of great use to those searching for country with most number of Twitter users. Semiocast is an organisation that does research on social media trends and evaluate reactions of consumers on social media conversations. Based on its studies in January, 31st 2012 by semiocast, here we share some figure with you.

Top ten countries with most number of twitter accounts (Semiocast Report 2012)

As on January, 31st 2012, United states owned highest number of twitter account of around 107.7 million. Brazil was the second country with most number of 33.3 million accounts, surpassed Japan now third with 29.9 million accounts.


Top ten countries with highest percentage of internet users using Twitter (GlobalWebindex’s Report)

GlobalWebindex, an organization that monitor and analysis Social Media, published report on percentage of country’s populace actively using twitter. On analysis of data to find what percentage of different countries’ internet users actively engaged with it. According to its research, china had the most crazy populations of about 84.4 % Chinese Internet users report having used this platform despite of being blocked in the country

Top ten countries with highest share of Twitter (Beevolve’s Report 2012)

Beevolve’s social media measurement in 2012 to find users percentage from top ten countries revealed that about 51% users of twitter belong to United states. Beevolve’s list of top ranking was bit different from Semiocast’s report though released in same year.

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