Top 10 YouTube Viewing Countries in the World
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Top 10 YouTube Viewing Countries in the World

YouTube is the number one video sharing site on Web which was launched by three former employees of PayPal in 2005, afterward purchased by Google in 2006. Despite of being banned in most countries of world, YouTube is still the most viewed video sharing sites.  It headquarter is located in California, United States and it is now localized in 61 countries.  Now it is available in 61 languages to engage as much user as possible from most countries of world. Due to its fastest browning and new features, YouTube has become most viewed video website that allows its users to upload, view, and share videos without any limit.In 2007, YouTube Partner Program was started and now millions of creator has joined it from over 30 countries around the world who are making handsome amount of money from their videos.

There are many videos sharing website like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe but none is like YouTube. Users can create their own channel and upload any types of video to share with the world. There are many popular channels on YouTube that share entertaining videos to engaged users. This post is just to let you know about Top ten countries which are viewing YouTube the most in the world.

As per Media Culture website NMR, viewership of YouTube is at the highest point in U.K, Germany and India. These countries have billions of views on YouTube’s Top 100 channels. This accelerates the worth of these channel as well as the whole website across the world. About 20% of traffic comes from the US but it is not listed in top ten since we take into account viewership of top 100 channels. Check out the list of top ten countries which viewed the most in the world.

Top 10 Countries with most views for Top 100 Channels on YouTube

Rank Country Total Views For Top 100 Channels (Million)
1. United Kingdom 33,560
2. India 14,810
3. Germany 14,524
4. Canada 13,700
5. France 12,721
6. South Korea 11,809
7. Russia 11,492
8. japan 11,451
9. Brazil 10,856
10. Mexico 10,442



Facts about Youtube:
  • Monthly users: 1 billion.
  • Monthly view duration: 6 billion hours.
  • Upload Rate: 100hour/minute.

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