Top 10 Countries With Most Facebook Users in the World
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Top 10 Countries With Most Facebook Users in the World

Facebook is the one of the most famous brand in the world of Social networking service. Again America, the pioneer country of internet, produced such an awesome website for socializing. Every internet user in the world sooner or later will become facebook’s member. Every advanced country has millions of inhabitants that are active users of facebook that making online socializing trendier than before. Most users are so addicted to it that they don’t go offline for a while,they can create his own personal profile,fan;s pages, add friends, join groups and most of all share views with the world. Telecom companies have introduced 3G and 4G in most countries, consequently facebook’s users has sharply increased. You can’t imagine any country where inhabitants are still unaware of facebook. The brand worth is increasing with joining of every new user that put money in Mark Zuckerberg’s account.
Internet has made this world a global village where people from any country can share their views via facebook. Most user are being attracted with introduction of new feature and application to socialize in an advance way and stay updated about what going on. Its Users are decreasing in some advanced countries of the world due to privacy issues and boredom. No doubt, facebook is the best Social networking service; none other can provide such remarkable services. Despite the fact that there is a large number of different social media websites, but none can stand in front of facebook. It has more users than the other social media websites despite being banned in some countries of the world. You can see the difference below.

Facts About Facebook

  • Founded: February 4, 2004
  • Subsidiaries: Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR, PrivateCore
  • Net income: US$1.50 billion (2013)
  •  Daily active user: 829 million

List of Top 10 Countries with most Facebook users in the world

Country Users in May 2013 (Million)
United States 982.18
Brazil 71.75
India 63.90
Indonesia 47.98
Mexico 42.38
Turkey 32.80
United Kingdom 31.16
Philippines 30.36
France 25.35
Germany 24.95



United States of America has the world’s highest number of facebook’s users. About 18.3 % users are from USA and Canada. Unlike the rest, U.K. and Germany are only countries of the world where users lost by 0.12 % and 264k respectively.

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