Top 10 Countries with Most Mobile Phone Users
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Top 10 Countries with Most Mobile Phone Users

Mobile phone has become the growing need of current era of technology since with introduction of amazing features its demand is continuously increasing in most countries of the world. It’s no longer be part of telecommunication but owing to its diverse benefits, it has become vital accessory of modern world for fun like gaming, surfing internet, video making and so on. Based on latest survey done by International Telecommunication Union, it is estimated that its users will touch figure of 7.3 billion in 2014 if the number of users are continuously growing at such highest rate. Mobile phone will drive developing countries in near future where large scope for more penetration is available. Currently, majority of users are switching over to Smartphone since it is affordable and 3G supported, consequently online internet user via mobile phone is also growing in advanced countries of the world.

Mobile phone, the most useable invention, has completely changed the communication field, connecting two peoples setting on opposite corner of the world without wire that would be a magic for any Stone Age person. Interestingly in some countries, the number of mobile phone are greater than their population which means that individual owns more than one cell and telecommunication companies are making the most of it by capturing demand of each individual with its new applications. Its usage has increased that meets the demands of 60% world’s population. Check out the list of top ten countries which have most mobile phones user.

List of Top 10 countries with the most mobile phones in the world

Rank Country Total Number of Mobile Phones(Million)
1. China 1,227.4
2. India 904.5
3. United States 327.6
4. Brazil 276.2
5. Russia 256.1
6. Indonesia 236.8
7. Nigeria 167.4
8. Pakistan 140.0
9. Japan 121.2
10. Bangladesh 116.5



China has the world’s largest mobile phone market of 1,227.4 million. The country’s three telecommunications operators show 0.7 percent monthly increase in the number of mobile subscribers while 90.9 % population owns their personal cell phone.

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