Which Country is Most Powerful in the World
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Which Country is Most Powerful in the World

Ranking the Most Powerful countries in the World is tough one since number of factors need to be considered to calculate the word ‘power’. Now country can’t be the world’s most powerful simply because it has largest army, certain aspects has attain special value in 21st century. Now economy, technology, population and diplomatic influence has joined military to decide the power of any country. The National Power Index is the best approach to rank the strongest countries of the world. This index is the combination of five sub indexes which evaluate economic system, military strength, human capital , technology, energy security and diplomatic influence. The latest National Power Index of the top 10 most powerful countries is given below:

Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in the World

Rank Country National Power Index
1. United States 0.90
2. China 0.85
3. France 0.84
4. United Kingdom 0.83
5. Germany 0.77
6. Russia 0.77
7. Japan 0.75
8. Italy 0.70
9. Canada 0.68
10. Spain 0.67



United states is the most powerful country in the world as it ranks first in GDP, defense spending , technology and foreign affairs. It heads the power index since it is the third most populous country with world’s highest nominal GDP. It has 2nd largest army equipped with latest technology. Its diplomatic power continues to exercise international influence all over the world. It is likely to remain the strongest in the world for at least another decade. China is the second most powerful state which has the world’s highest population. China is behind united states in technology and global influence but it is moving forward in every sector and continuously expanding its global sphere of influence. Analysts predict that it will overtake US in near future.

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