Countries having the Biggest Stock Exchanges in the World
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Countries having the Biggest Stock Exchanges in the World

The idea of engaging general public as partner of giant companies to accumulate huge fund for business operations has opened  new ways for modern business. It is quite inevitable for countries with powerful economies to have world’s largest stock exchange which provides companies throughout the world access to local capital formation and fosters business across the world by floating securities for mutual benefits of all giant companies and investors. Stock markets play a really significant and important in increasing the economical health of any country which is basically a market where traders and stock brokers can buy or sell stocks, bonds or any other kind of securities. Apart from that, it also provide the facility for liberation and issuance of various securities as well as financial workshops and capital events like the payment of dividends and income. Largest the stock exchange, strongest will be the economy of the country revealing the global worth of it. Large numbers of giant stock exchanges are established in vast number of countries which generate a sound and handsome amount of funds for business growth while contributing ultimately towards the national economy.  The revenue generation by this market is just not only dependent on buying or selling but many other factors like the annual evaluation of companies, firms or organizations integrated with stock market are also included. You can say that the these are the main hub of business for government and private firms, companies, organizations etc.

United States is leading the world having gigantic New York Stock Exchange which is the  largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalisation, followed by London Stock Exchange Group and Nasdaq. NYSE surpassed other financial market by big margin having a total net worth of US$ 18,336 billion. Based on its current status and past record it is concluded that NYSE will remain the biggest stock exchange in the world for many years to come and it would be really difficult to compete with this giant. As per World Federation of Exchanges, here are the countries having the largest stock exchanges based on market capitalization.

Exchange Domestic market capitalization (USD Billions) 2015 ‘% change/Sep 14 (in USD) ‘% change/Sep 14(in local cur)
July August September
NYSE 19,351 17,931 18,336 -2.4% -2.4%
London Stock Exchange Group 6,834 6,924 6,940 0.5% 12.0%
Nasdaq – US 7,473 6,981 6,745 0.9% 0.9%
Japan Exchange Group 4,985 4,713 4,405 -1.8% 7.2%
Shanghai Stock Exchange 4,839 4,125 3,951 37.7% 42.6%
Euronext 3,549 3,326 3,184 -9.1% 2.1%
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing 3,445 3,059 2,992 -4.9% -5.1%
Shenzhen Stock Exchange 3,303 2,742 2,651 38.6% 43.5%
TMX Group 1,855 1,749 1,653 -25.0% -10.0%
Deutsche Boerse 1,780 1,676 1,584 -7.7% 3.7%

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