Which Countries Produce the Most Olive Oil
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Which Countries Produce the Most Olive Oil

Oil extracted from different natural herbs and other things are used for cooking worldwide in the uncountable food dishes and cuisines but the tastiest and healthiest among them is the Olive Oil (Zaitoon Oil). By the increasing awareness, advancement in researches and growing concern for health, the demand for health cooking oil is increasing rapidly. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Olive oil is ranked as the healthiest oil for cooking which are found majorly in Mediterranean Basin. Apart from cooking purposes, the olive oil is also used for various other purposes like for human hair. Besides that, various other countries from Asia and Middle East are also cultivating it which serve as a great and unlimited source of its production. Especially in the United States, the production and quality of olive tree is increasing day by day which makes it one of the most dominant countries in term of production. In fact the state of California will be recognized as the Mediterranean of USA very soon as it is another major producer of olives. Besides the benefits, it also benefits the economy of the country to some extent. No possible winner of its production can be predicted as major producers of it present different quality and taste.

Spain is the leading olive oil producing country which is contributing to 45% of world’s supply. The country is blessed with more than 300 million Olive trees which makes it the major producer in the world. Italy occupies second place with 700 cultivators of trees. Greece is third major olive oil producing country with 150 million trees of it. The remaining portion of world’s production comes from other nations of the world. Here are five largest olive oil producers in the world along with their statistics.

Ranking Country/State Share of World’s Olive Oil Production (Percentage)
1 Spain 45
2 Italy 25
3 Greece 20
4 California 0.5
5 Others 9.5

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