Which Country is the Largest Producer of Sugar in the World
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Which Country is the Largest Producer of Sugar in the World

Human being roughly consumes 24kg sugar annually(33kg in commercial countries). It is mostly considered harmful but it has many health benefits too, as it is an instant energy and can be used in fighting with low blood pressure, diabetics and depression. Sugarcane, world’s largest crop, accounts for 80 percent of production in the world, most of the rest is produced from beets. Warm Countries produce cane sugar whereas regions with cooler climates produce beet sugar.

Top 5 sugar producing countries of the world

Rank Country Production 2012 (1000 metric tons)
1. Brazil 35,750
2. India 28,300
3. China 11,840
4. Thailand 10,170
5. United States 7,153



Brazil is the largest producer of the world. It accounts for 20 per cent of the world’s production. Rising international prices and demand for ethanol resulted in rapid expansion of sugarcane plantation in Brazil, as a result production doubled in last decade. It is also the world’s largest exporter of sugar having highest per capita consumption. The country also ranks first in orange production.
Source: Food and Agriculture Organization

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