Which Country is the Largest Producer of Sugarcane in the World
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Which Country is the Largest Producer of Sugarcane in the World

Sugarcane is mostly grown in the tropics and subtropics countries of world. Approximately 80% of sugarcane’s production is being used for sugar but now it is playing an important role in solving challenges of modern world. Sugar ethanol is an important alternative for meeting energy demand of largest producers of sugarcane in the world. Sugarcane cultivation also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and keep environment clean. In recent innovation, it is being used for value-added products such as bioelectricity and biohydrocarbons but most countries use it for just as source of sugar. Only 20 countries produce oil, but over 100 cultivate sugarcane, think what will happen if they start using it for energy production ?

Top 10 Largest Sugarcane Producing countries in the World

Country Production 2012 (Million Tonnes)
Brazil 721.07
India 347.87
China 123.46
Thailand 96.50
Pakistan 58.39
Mexico 50.94
Colombia 38.00
Philippines 30.00
USA 27.90
Indonesia 26.34



Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane with a total production of 721.07 million tonnes. World’s largest export volume of sugar with highest domestic per capita consumption plus demand for ethanol fuel drive country to be the biggest producer of sugarcane.
Source: Food and Agriculture Organization

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