Top 10 Largest Producers of Wheat

Wheat is the third most-produced cereal in the world and now it is grown in most countries worldwide. It requires more land for cultivation than any other corp but interestingly its international trading is greater than other corps. Easy cultivation and long-term storage is the key factor for highest production in most countries of world. Roughly 20% of any country’s production is exported and remaining is consumed within country whereas developing countries account for two-thirds of global wheat imports.

Top Ten Largest Producers of Wheat in the World

Rank Country Production 2012 (Millions of Tonnes)
1. China 120.58
2. India 94.88
3. U.S.A 61.75
4. France 40.30
5. Russia 37.71
6. Australia 29.90
7. Canada 27.01
8. Pakistan 23.47
9. Germany 22.43
10. Turkey 20.10



China is the World’s largest producer of wheat . Most land area is devoted to its production but still country needs to import wheat. China also ranks first in Cars production, Most Internet Users and Population.
Source: Food and Agriculture Organization

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