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The Most Expensive Countries In The World To Live In

Most of you think that main reason of draining bank account is expensiveness in their country and migration to other country, where at least basic necessities are not much expensive, is the best way to live prosperous life but before having such thoughts and plans, you should exactly know whether your current country is amongst the most expensive country to live in or not. It is true that things have now become expensive due to scarcity of resources that causing difficulty for people to make both ends meet but it’s also a fact that countries with highest income per capita are expensive since people hold money to increase demand of goods and services as result of high demand price goes up. Likewise, countries with high living standard are expensive one.

Cost of living index is the tools that define the most expensive countries of the world by taking into account number of factors such as cost of rent, groceries, restaurant, transportation, utilities and local purchasing power. This index uses Consumer Price Index in which average prices of basic necessities for existence and survival, particularly food and shelter is considered while all data is compared with New York City’s cost of living which is taken as base.

Switzerland is the the most expensive country to live in followed by Norway,Venezuela and Iceland while India, Nepal, Pakistan are listed as the cheapest countries in the world.

Below are the 15 most expensive countries with the highest costs of living, according to Numbeo’s data.

  1. Switzerland – 126.03
  2. Norway – 118.59
  3. Venezuela – 111.01
  4. Iceland – 102.14
  5. Denmark – 100.60
  6. Australia – 99.32
  7. New Zealand – 93.71
  8. Singapore – 93.61
  9. Kuwait – 92.97
  10. United Kingdom – 92.19
  11. Ireland – 92.09
  12. Luxembourg – 91.78
  13. Finland – 89.68
  14. France – 88.37
  15. Belgium – 87.22
Source: Source: numbeo

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15 Cheapest Countries with Lowest Cost of Living

Moving to other country having least expensive cost of living is the great idea for retired person to live a better life and saving money. Determining the countries with the lowest cost of living is quite difficult since it demands on number of variables that varies on daily basis. In many cases the countries, with lower standard salaries, high unemployment and an uncertain economy, also have generally least expensive costs of living since low income per capita decreases purchasing power and demand of goods and services as a results prices stay at lowest level and cost of living remains cheap. People from countries with comparatively higher costs of living generally prefer to spend leisure times in countries like these to be able to gather extra benefit of their high buying power but as the cost of forgoing income potential and social security. Sub-Saharan Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia have lesser opportunity for income or salary growth but these places are quite cheapest to live after retirement.

Cost of living index is prepared by comparing all basic indicators for existence and survival with New York City that means all indicators for New York is at 100% and prices of real estate, grocery, utility, transportation of other countries are compared with it to determine cheapest countries of the world. The cost of living is usually calculated on the basis of prices of basic necessities, particularly food and shelter and doesn’t involved luxuries, just take into account things necessary for existence and survival but estimating figure this way involved big difference in quality standard of goods and services that varies substantially. To put it differently, lowest standards of living leads to least expensive cost of living.

India and Pakistan have world’s cheapest living costs on average that scored lowest index scores but it can be higher in high-density urban areas of the country.

Here we have top 10 cheapest countries in the world with the lowest cost of living.

Source: numbeo, Movehub

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World’s Top 20 Countries with Best Government

Good governance is the key for development that makes one country stand out as more prosperous than the others. In today’s world, government are often being compelled to change their ideas of “good governance ” but it is not an easy task to govern a country in a best way if there are numbers of issues related political traditions and institutional laws. It’s all about efficient governing styles that makes a big difference and take country on the way to prosperity. Best-functioning government means exercise of authority in the most efficient way to formulate and implement sound policies to raise standard of citizens and eliminate root causes of all social evils. Good governance always changes its policies and strategies with the demands and expectations of masses residing in the country to gain respect of citizens and the state for the institutions of states. The connection of government with development has got a special attention these days and it’s become clear that best-quality government institutions have significant positive outcomes on the health and wealth of societies. According to experts, democracy is the best form of governance in the world but most countries lack pure form of democracy due to corrupt system and growing political crisis. Most western governments are doing best jobs to keep policies according to modern demands of its peoples and efficiently implementing laws that generate system which auto nourishes its masses.
World Bank published The Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) reports that evaluate efficiency of governments in several countries on the basis of following six indicators.

  • Voice and Accountability
  • Political Stability and Absence of Violence
  • Government Effectiveness
  • Regulatory Quality
  • Rule of Law
  • Control of Corruption.

Top 20 Countries with Best Government in the World.

Rank Country Government Effectiveness: Percentile Rank 2012 Government Effectiveness: Estimate 2012
1. Finland 100 2.214481623
2. Singapore 99.5215311 2.151915944
3. Denmark 99.0430622 1.965271628
4. Sweden 98.5645933 1.941434839
5. Norway 98.0861244 1.892413083
6. Switzerland 97.6076555 1.876992243
7. Netherlands 96.6507177 1.799715505
8. New Zealand 96.1722488 1.790035781
9. Liechtenstein 95.6937799 1.764368683
10. Canada 95.215311 1.753661796
11. Luxembourg 94.73684211 1.658789519
12. Australia 94.25837321 1.612142715
13. Belgium 93.77990431 1.590699625
14. Germany 93.30143541 1.574952652
15. Austria 92.82296651 1.557244866
16. Ireland 92.34449761 1.529901889
17. United Kingdom 91.86602871 1.527088363
18. Andorra 91.38755981 1.516758753
19. United States 90.43062201 1.511180953
20. Iceland 89.95215311 1.485540136
Source: World Bank

According to the World bank’s WGI, Finland is currently the world’s best-governed country.

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The Five Remaining Communist Countries

Do you know how many communist countries are there in the World? In the 12th century, they were many countries following this ideology but these former communist countries ceased this system due to numerous reasons. Afterward, the expansion of Communism during and after WWII was also at its peak and many of them have either turned completely democratic or are on their way to change. There were communism throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa during reign of the Soviet Union. Today, total number of remaining communist Countries is five that are on the way to prosperity by optimum allocation of human resources, keep ideologies of the socialist vision of Marx but make major modification to stay relevant in today’s global economy. His basic idea has long been forgotten, but these remaining five countries still follow his vision. In this system, people have job security and do any type of work which is demanded by communist government. The basic ideology is quickly disappearing from the world as we move further away from the Cold War and into the 21st century, most of such former system have been shifted to other political and economic system. Following is the list of five remaining communist countries today.

1. China
China, the most populous country, has communist system since 1949. Mao Zedong declared China as the People’s Republic of China and afterward country done through several economic reforms to make this system more prosperous. The Communist Party goes all the way to eliminate all cultural, traditional and capitalist influences to keep sustainable growth that has made China biggest and most prosperous economies of the world.

2. Cuba
Fidel Castro took over Cuban government in result of revolution of 1959. Cuba had become communist country since 1961 with the downfall of former president Fulgencio Batista. Today, the only remaining Communist country outside of Asia is Cuba that has maintained good healthcare system that is available to all citizens

3. Laos
Laos became a communist country in 1975 when it gone through an internal revolution that was supported by Soviet Union and Vietnam. Its ruling body is a committee that is run by generals in the military. The president in Laos isn’t elected by the people. He just uses the soldiers to give him power. It is one of East Asia’s poorest countries.

4. North Korea
Today, North Korea continues to embrace a communist ideology, avidly protected by its neighbor China. In 2014 the BBC Report characterized it as a nominal communist government. The country is not a perversion of Marxist Communism. It is the misfortune for nation to accept that corrupted system eventually develops.

5. Vietnam
After partition of Vietnam in 1954, North Vietnam became communist state and got support of Soviet Union while South Vietnam has democratic system and got support of USA then after long war, the two countries reunited. In 1976, it became a communist state. In 1986, critical economic and political isolation was at peak but with reforms Vietnam started its way toward acceptance within the global economy. Today, the economic growth of country is highest amongst developing world.

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Top Ten Countries by Highest Proportion of Teenage Brides

Child marriage is an important global issue  that cuts across countries, religions and cultures. According to research, teenage brides face more troubles than women who marry as adults. They are more likely to die during pregnancy and are at higher risk of mental illness. In developing countries of world, young girls, who belong to  rural areas having lower level of education and income are mostly engaged in marital relation in their teenage life. Here is a list of top 10 countries with highest teenage brides population.

Top Ten Countries by Highest Proportion of Teenage Brides by Percentage

Rank Country Percentage of Teenage Brides
1. Dem. Rep. of Congo 74.2
2. Congo 55.0
3. Afghanistan 53.7
4. Bangladesh 51.3
5. Uganda 49.8
6. Mali 49.7
7. Guinea 49.0
8. Chad 48.6
9. Mozambique 43.8
10. Senegal 43.8



Dem. Rep. of Congo is the country where 74.2 percent girls marry before reaching the age of 20. It has highest child marriage prevalence rates in the world.

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Which Country has Longest Coastline

Coastline does not have a well-defined shape so finding its correct length is impossible however estimated figure can be find using fractal geometry. Country, having longest boundaries with sea, can enjoy more trade activities with whole world as compared to landlocked states. Many countries have vast urban area touching sea which enable whole economy to grow and become more powerful . The map of Top Ten Countries with longest coastline is shown below.

Canada has world’s longest coastline of 202,080 Km which is four times longer than Indonesia. Its boundaries touches three oceans the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific Oceans. It is second largest country of world in term of area with 52455 islands.
Source:The World Factbook

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Which is the Smallest Country in the World

Vatican City is the world’s smallest sovereign country, situated within Italy, in term of its area and population. It has an area of 44 hectares with population of 840. It got Independence from the Kingdom of Italy on 11 February 1929 under Lateran Treaty.

Religion of the country is Catholicism. Residents are responsible for the smooth running of official Christianity hub. Citizenship is given to person who is working as pope, directors of offices, cardinals and active member of Church. It is not necessary that all resident are citizens. Only 450 of its residents have the Vatican citizenship. Economy of Vatican City dependents on postage stamps, tourist mementos, museums fees and publications. It has no armed force of its own and military defense is provided by Italy. With an area of 0.44km²,  it is the smallest country of world.

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Which are the Top 10 Largest Countries in the World

Largest countries of world in term of their total area covered, including land and water, by their international boundaries.

Hover your mouse over map to see Details

Russia is the largest country in the world, covering 12.5% inhabited land area of earth. It stretches across northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe and covers the area of 6,592,800 sq miles. Southern part of country is mostly covered by steppe whereas north is dominated by forest, with tundra along the northern coast. About 10% of arable land of world is possessed by Russia. It has world’s largest reservoir of mineral resources.
Source: wikipedia

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Which Country has No Written Constitution

A constitution is set of basic rules based on which state is governed.It is mostly written down in a single comprehensive document. This term is derived from Latin word constitutio which means  regulations and orders. For country, this terms is used for rules that define the relationship between institution of states, nature and extent of government authorities of a country. Relationship between the executive, legislature, judiciary of a country is also defined by it. It establishes basic rights of individual citizens and provide a foundation for territory laws to be derived from it.

United Kingdom (UK)/Great Britain is the country which has no Written Constitution.

Why UK/Britain has no constitution ?

A famous historical saying “No Act of Parliament can be unconstitutional, for the law of the land knows not the word or the idea”.  UK’s supreme law is a legislation done by parliament that can pass statutes that it wishes and they don’t need to have any written constitution to be followed. Whereas in other countries legislation contradicting constitution is forbidden and special procedure are adopted to amend the constitution itself before any such legislation.


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