Top Ten Largest Island Countries in the World
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Top Ten Largest Island Countries in the World

Islands is the most appealing resort for every tourists in the world. Countries that are blessed with most largest island can earn large foreign reserves from international tourists. Islands not only serve as homes to millions of people but also important for maintaining wide biodiversity of the world. Most people come to these countries to watch most richest and largest areas of biodiversity in the world that servers more than half the world’s marine biodiversity.

About one-sixth of earth’s total area is occupied by Islands and their oceans that represent over two-thirds of the world’s countries. Earth’s 175,000 islands range from just 0.15 square kilometres up to 2.2 million square kilometres are home to more than 600 million inhabitants

Top Ten Largest Island Countries in the World
Sr. No. Country
1 Indonesia
2 Madagascar
3 Papua New Guinea
4 Japan
5 Malaysia
6 Philippines
7 New Zealand
8 Cuba
9 Iceland
10 Sri Lanka

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