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Which Country is Least Densely Populated

Population density of country is number of people living per square kilometre or square mile. Factors involves in low population density in the countries of world are high mountainous land,extreme hot or cold climates condition and Limited natural resources. Some other human factors contribute to low population density in the country are unstable governments, preference for isolation and lesser job opportunities. Here is the list of top 10 least densely populated countries in the world .

Top Ten Countries with Lowest Population Density in the World

Rank Country Density per square mile
1. Mongolia
2. Namibia
3. Australia
4. Iceland
5. Suriname
6. Mauritania
7. Canada
8. Botswana
9. Guyana
10. Libya



Mongolia, a central Asian country, has lowest population density as compared to other countries of the world. Gobi desert to the south of country with extreme climate ranging from –40°C in winter to +50°C in summer and uneven mountainous regions to the north and west are main causes for being lowest populated density country of the world. About 12 % land is covered by steppes and forested areas.

Source: wikipedia.org

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