Top 10 Countries with Highest Employment Rates in the World
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Top 10 Countries with Highest Employment Rates in the World

World’s fast growing countries have highest employment rate for the purpose of taking full advantage from their human resources. It is an important indicator of country’s growth and visionary government always try to create new jobs opportunities and to keep unemployment level low as possible. High employment rate returns a great reward to the country, if number of jobs available is relatively high compared to the number of workers then production level of goods and services go high which allows the government to collect more tax and spend less on welfare programs. Most Asian and African countries of the world are facing unemployment as major issue while developed nations have most employment opportunities so people from around the world come here to get the benefits of highest job opportunities. Economic Co-operation and Development analysis employment level of their member nations. According to its published report, Top ten countries with Highest Employment Rates in the World are listed below.

Countries with highest rate of employed persons

Rank Country Percentage of people aged 15 to 64 that are employed (OECD members)
1. Iceland 82.8
2. Switzerland 77.4
3. Denmark 76.0
4. Norway 75.6
5. New Zealand 73.5
6. Sweden 73.5
7. Netherlands 72.7
8. United Kingdom 72.7
9. Canada 72.6
10. United States 71.2



Iceland, free-market economy, has world highest percentage of employed individuals. Employment regulations are relatively flexible and the labour market is one of the freest in the world.


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