Which is the Poorest Country in the World
Which is the Poorest Country in the World
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Which is the Poorest Country in the World

Do you know the poorest countries in the world? International Monetary Fund, CIA factbook and world bank published report of GDP per capita based on which list of poor countries in the world is prepared. Poor countries of world are facing challenges of overpopulation, corruption, illiteracy, war and debt burden. Economist prefer GDP at purchasing power parity is best standard for comparing welfare of residents of a country. For this purpose values of all goods and services produced in the country are expressed in price prevailing in US market.

Top Ten Poorest Countries
Rank Country GDP Per Capita (2013)
1. Democratic Republic of the Congo $ 394.25
2. Zimbabwe
$ 589.46
3. Burundi
$ 648.58
4. Liberia
$ 716.04
5. Eritrea
$ 792.13
6. Central African Republic
$ 827.93
7. Niger
$ 853.43
8. Malawi
$ 893.84
9. Madagascar
$ 972.07
10. Afghanistan
$ 1,072.19



Democratic Republic of the Congo is the poorest country of the World. Its GDP per capita is lowest as compared to other countries of world.  Other side of the poorest country shows that it is considered richest country of world in term of natural resources. Some pertinent issues of DRC in making it the poorest country of the world are :
  • Sexual violence against women.
  • War to get control over DRC’s natural resources
  • Democratic transition remain tenuous to deal with perpetually conflict-ridden society.
  • High infant mortality.
  • 6 million people died from war-induced causes.
  • Deterioration in agricultural production factors due to backward techniques.
  • Consistently poisoned by corruption and Injustice.
Source: the IMF

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