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Top 10 Countries with Highest illiteracy Rate in the World
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Top 10 Countries with Highest illiteracy Rate in the World

Illiteracy means incapability to read and write one’s own name which pose enormous challenges to the development of poor countries of the world. High illiteracy rate is the main cause of high crime rate, more health problems, low productivity, loss of resources and time whereas high literacy rate can help eliminate poverty, achieve gender equality and low population growth. In the current era of rapidly changing technology-driven world, productive and skilled citizens are very vital for the betterment of any country and today’s economy wholly depends on level of literacy. International organization and authorities are trying to put all their efforts to lower the illiteracy rate of third world countries by making education free, adult learning program and motivating people to come up with modern education in order to contribute their ruined economy. No one can deny the importance of education but still there are many countries which do not take this issue seriously that is the main cause of their destruction. The highest illiteracy rates is found in the less developed nations of Africa, Asia, and South America. Have a look at list of top 10 most illiterate countries in the world.

World Top 10 Countries With Highest Illiteracy Rate

Rank Country Adult Literacy Rate (%) Year of Estimate
1. South Sudan 27.0 2009
2. Burkina Faso 28.7 2007
3. Niger 28.7 2005
4. Afghanistan 28.1 2001
5. Mali 33.4 2011
6. Chad 35.4 2011
7. Somalia 37.8 2001
2. Ethiopia 39.0 2007
9. Guinea 41.0 2010
10. Benin 42.4 2010



South Sudan has world’s highest rate of illiteracy. More than two-third of adult population can’t read and write and 70 per cent of children aged 6–17 years have never set foot in a classroom. It is struggling to recover from two decades of civil war and upheaval that had crippled its educational system. Illiteracy rate of women is higher than men, with only 33 % of girls in schools and 16 percent of women over age 15 are literate. The country is keen to build an education system for those who missed out on school during the war. People see education as the most important factor for peace and demand for it is also increasing.
Source: The World factbook

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