Top 10 Least Educated Countries in the World
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Top 10 Least Educated Countries in the World

Everyone has right to get education at door step without any difficulty but this basic right is overlook in least educated countries of the world. Exacerbate inequality in education facilities make progress of least developed nation more challenging. In today’s world, economy of any country is wholly dependent on educated and skilled labor, overlooking of such factors can ruin the nation. Countries with least education level are often become victim of high crime rate, health issues and lowest productivity. It’s hard to realize that 22% of all adults in world are illiterate. UNESCO estimates that illiterate individuals grow annually by 30 to 50 million. Unfortunately, 98 percent of all illiterate individuals belong to least advanced countries. The root cause for these figures is lack of opportunity. It is a fact that people are illiterate because of being born into a cycle of poverty which restricts accessibility to education. Least educated countries are mostly from South and West Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa where children leave school due to poverty and start doing labor. It’s evident that large-scale poverty is the root cause of least literacy rate in such territories. This post will surely be of great use to those searching for countries with lowest education rate in the world. Here we have list of countries with the least education rate in the world based on comparison statistics collected by the CIA World Factbook.

World’s Top 10 Countries With Lowest literacy Rate

Rank Country Adult Literacy Rate (%) Year of Estimate
1. South Sudan 27.0 2009
2. Burkina Faso 28.7 2007
3. Niger 28.7 2005
4. Afghanistan 28.1 2001
5. Mali 33.4 2011
6. Chad 35.4 2011
7. Somalia 37.8 2001
2. Ethiopia 39.0 2007
9. Guinea 41.0 2010
10. Benin 42.4 2010



South Sudan is the least educated country in the world. Just 27 percent of country’s population can read and write. About 70 per cent of children aged 6-17 years have never set foot in a classroom. Women are much lesser educated than men. Roughly 33 % of girls are getting education and 16 percent of women over age 15 are literate. Civil war had crippled its educational system of the country but now government as well as masses seeing education as key factor for progress.
Source: The World factbook

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