Which Countries have Most Top Ranking Universities
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Which Countries have Most Top Ranking Universities

With the increasing pace of science and technology, the importance of university education is rising rapidly as this not only fosters economy but also brings wisdom, awareness and maturity amongst masses. To ensure the smoothness of societies and communities, education is necessary as it teaches one, the real way to live life in a wise manner. University education is important component of human development worldwide which is crucial to a country‚Äôs efforts to increase social capital and to promote social cohesion. Furthermore it also play a crucial role in empowering domestic constituencies, building institutions, and nurturing favorable regulatory frameworks and governance structures. Beyond any doubt university education plays a pivotal role in the development and progress therefore vast numbers of countries are there in the world where literacy rate is increasing daily in result to the establishment of world- class universities.

Innovation and research done by universities take it to top ranking and also become a source of taking their country out of vicious economic circles through implementation of innovative knowledge. University rankings is the most important factor for international students since for most students when it come to choose to study abroad  they want to study in top ranking university.

Almost all developing countries are completely lacking universities to be listed in top international rankings. United States is leading the world with most universities of top ranking, followed by United Kingdom and Canada. Numerous countries are also there having the most top ranking universities in the world which are listed below.

COUNTRY Top100 Top200 Top500 Top1000 ALL
United States of America 59 86 150 245 3280
United Kingdom 5 11 37 67 291
Canada 5 11 25 32 329
China 4 12 32 95 2481
Australia 4 4 17 30 207
Germany 3 17 37 59 412
Netherlands 2 7 11 13 139
Italy 2 6 17 39 236
Switzerland 2 5 7 10 102
Japan 2 3 12 36 987

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