Top 10 Countries with Most Universities in the World
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Top 10 Countries with Most Universities in the World

In today’s world, University education is very important to increase human capital which is the main building block for any country in the world. Most countries, with highest number of university enrollments, are trying to make their higher education up-to-date and more competitive. It is considered the most important need in the current ear of science and technology to have higher education in order to get more benefit from integration with the world economy. Most countries are grabbing the opportunity of investing in its people and allocating their budget to increase their number of universities to keep pace with modern researches. World is witnessing that knowledge is the critical input to economic growth and development and failure to invest in university will be fatal for any nation. There is no other option but to transform populace into a productive and responsible citizens and joining the league of a knowledge-based economy.

Top 10 Countries with Most Universities in the world

Rank Country Number of Universities
1. India 8,407
2. United States 5,758
3. Argentina 1,705
4. Spain 1,415
5. Mexico 1,341
6. Bangladesh 1,268
7. Indonesia 1,236
8. Japan 1,223
9. France 1,062
10. China 1,054



India , a developing nation, has the world’s highest number of universities which are providing inexpensive high-quality education to students of all levels.


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