Which is the Most Educated Country in the World
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Which is the Most Educated Country in the World

No one can deny the importance of educated society in today’s world. In the current era of science and technology, educated and skilled populace are very crucial for development of any country. The most educated countries are able to achieve high growth with optimum allocation of their resources. Furthermore, high education level can also decrease social crime and health problems.There is vital need of developing countries to keep pace with modern world and to be managed by most educated and intellectual person of society. World is witnessing that most advanced and civilized nations have more human capital and higher literacy rate. Most countries are taking the issue of education very seriously and are making every effort to increase the number of educated people in order to take maximum advantage from their resources. In the competitive world of growing technology, survival of any economy only depend on how much their masses are educated. According to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 2011 report on post-secondary education, 10 most highly educated countries in the world are listed below:

Ten Most Educated Countries of the world

Rank Country Percentage of population with postsecondary education
1. Canada 50%
2. Israel 45%
3. Japan 44%
4. United States 41%
5. New Zealand 40%
6. South Korea 39%
7. Norway 37%
8. United Kingdom 37%
9. Australia 37%
10. Finland 37%



Canada has world’s highest rate of postsecondary education, completed by 50% of the adult population. Spending on tertiary level is 41% of total expenditure on education in the country. Education expenditure are 2.5% of GDP. About 25% of students come from abroad to study in Canada.


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