8 countries Which are Leading the World in Online Education.
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8 countries Which are Leading the World in Online Education.

Online education has rapidly spread all around the globe as the easiest and efficient way of learning at home. Today we are hearing different names such as online courses, online classes, online degree etc all relates to distant education which are being offered by world top class universities and colleges. Since it offers ease and convenience to utilize their leisure time in a good way, people are getting attracted to online courses while maintaining balance in their work, family, and other obligations. Now it has become no problem for working students to complete their degrees or certification programs and excel in their professional life. Most countries have realized the importance of this education in modem era where everything is evolving and globalizing and thus warmly introduced this education, leading the way both in terms of the number and variety of programs, and give revolutions to online learning itself. We’ve presented some of the countries that are excelling in distant education over internet, leaving behind others with small margin.
United States
The US is the world leader in online education surpassing all other countries with huge margin. Countless such colleges and countries have emerged to introduce thousands of courses to enroll as much student as possible. In USA, Online learning has become critical part of higher education and is outpacing traditional campus education. A recent study by the Sloan Consortium determined that 6 million students in the US are enrolled in at least one online course.

India is also emerging as the world’s leader in online learning which is now opening new opportunities in their education system with aim to lead Asia. In the last couple of years, the country has developed many top notches educational institutions which are rapidly attracting brilliant student of Asia, and thus induction of online programs are receiving a similar growth. Here such schools are generating many revenues and strengthening roots in India while international institutes are also taking part in delivering remote learning via internet to Indian citizens.
Currently, China is experiencing great demand for online education and in coming year we see more expansion of modern way education, due largely to the amplified demand for skilled labour of the global workforce coming from China. Courses delivered via radio and television was introduced in 1960, but the nation is fast becoming a leader in online education as well. Currently many colleges are working to meet distant learning need of populous country but is expected a great expansion over the next few years.

South Korea
High-tech industry and widespread high-speed internet access are all making South Korea the Asian Leader in e-learning. Number of universities and colleges are offering online courses but still there are many hurdles in the success of such education system since people preferred face-to-face learning.

Malaysia is moving forward at full pace by opening up new opportunities for learning online. Here universities are not only offering courses to its citizens but also to other Asian countries.

United Kingdom
The government has made an investment of £100 million to become a major international player in the online education. . Currently, a few private, for-profit providers and the Open University are offering degrees and observing more successful and accessible ways for students to learn from home.

The online education market in Australia is growing at high speed. Universities and smaller schools are also enrolling students and making country one of the world’s leading providers of distant education over internet.

South Africa

South Africa is one nation that has begun to gain advantages of online courses and spreading it all over the country. Currently, distant learning is still in its infancy in South Africa, but the government is taking bold steps to expand distance learning opportunities and hold international market share.

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