Top 10 Largest Producers of Rice in the World
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Top 10 Largest Producers of Rice in the World

Rice is known as healthiest foods in the world which carry priceless health benefits. The production of the most largely consumed food has increased steadily over the decade. Largest producers are mostly developing countries where it is used as staple consequently their own production hardly meet their own domestic demands and nothing left for export. World’s most consumed staple food is cultivated in Asian countries which are not only largest producer but also largest exporter of rice in the world, not only known for quantity but for quality as well. World’s best quality rice is produced on the rich fertile soil of Asia where people earn their livelihood from rice production.

Farm productivity plays an important role in country’s production. India has world’s largest farm of rice but its productivity is half of china’s farm productivity so farming knowledge and technology need to be adopted by Indian farmer to become the largest producer. FAO study claims that post-harvest problems and poor infrastructure results in 8% to 26% annual decrease of rice output in developing countries which account for 95% of the total production whereas two largest producer, China and India contribute to nearly half of the world production. Here we have list of list of top ten countries with world’s highest production

List of Top 10 Largest producers with Most Rice Production in the World

Rank Country Production in 2012 (million metric ton)
1. China 204.3
2. India 152.6
3. Indonesia 69.0
4. Vietnam 43.7
5. Thailand 37.8
6. Bangladesh 33.9
7. Burma 33.0
8. Philippines 18.0
9. Brazil 11.5
10. Japan 10.7



China is the world’s Largest producer of rice having annual output of 204.3 million metric ton. Nearly half of country’s total grain output meets by rice. About 33% of all world output comes from china. India and Indonesia are second and third largest producer.


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