Which is the Smallest Country in the World
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Which is the Smallest Country in the World

Vatican City is the world’s smallest sovereign country, situated within Italy, in term of its area and population. It has an area of 44 hectares with population of 840. It got Independence from the Kingdom of Italy on 11 February 1929 under Lateran Treaty.

Religion of the country is Catholicism. Residents are responsible for the smooth running of official Christianity hub. Citizenship is given to person who is working as pope, directors of offices, cardinals and active member of Church. It is not necessary that all resident are citizens. Only 450 of its residents have the Vatican citizenship. Economy of Vatican City dependents on postage stamps, tourist mementos, museums fees and publications. It has no armed force of its own and military defense is provided by Italy. With an area of 0.44kmĀ²,  it is the smallest country of world.

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