Ten Countries with Least Vacation Time
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Ten Countries with Least Vacation Time

Apart from doing the work with devotion, determination and sincerity, employees also need official vacations to relax their mind and body to be fresh for the upcoming challenging events. It is indeed the requirement of human body to take mental as well as physical rest to be in complete senses. Without the required rest, employees would be unable to focus on their work which may lead to mistakes. This situation creates high level of despair, anxiety and intellectual illness. Very few vacation time put much more blunders which may result in suspension or termination from their respective jobs. Different vacation systems are currently in operation in different countries owing to the development needs. Bigger the country, lesser will be the vacation time as the eagerness to keep up with the fast moving trends would be high. Obviously it is a fact that human mind cannot work continuously for hours of time and needs some recess time to come to normal. This can only be done if given the required and proper mental and physical rest. Various countries in the world are famous for having congested and harsh vacation offers but the below given table will illustrate the countries having the least vacation time. The statistics were obtained from the year 2014.

Rank Country Number Of Annual Vacations
1 United States of America 13
2 Belgium 20
3 Japan 25
4 Korea 25
5 Canada 26
6 United Kingdom 28
7 Australia 28
8 Brazil 34
9 Austria 35 (42 For Elders)
10 Germany 35

As it is concluded from the table, USA is the country with least vacation time. One can now understand the high levels of anxiety, depression and psychological illness in America as the employees there are not given enough relaxation time to relieve their bodies. With just a total of 13 annual vacations, USA is the country at top offering tiny number of holidays.

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