20 Most Beautiful Countries of the World
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20 Most Beautiful Countries of the World

Every country has its own beautiful attractions, eye-catching landscapes, breathtaking natural beauty and man-made structures that produce everlasting effects on viewers. These territories are blessed with everything from beautiful cityscapes to amazing villages, magnificent coasts to breathtaking forests, stunning recreational areas and dazzling landscapes. They are 10 countries that occupy a number of tourist attractions which will surely produce pleasant feeling ever with its outstanding work of man and gift of nature forcing you to say, what a beautiful world.


Vietnam well deserves to get ranked in our list of world’s most beautiful countries. From the impressive rock formations of Ha Long Bay to the fascinating bustle of the Mekong Delta in the south, Vietnam has wonderful natural beauty that attracts million of tourists every year. Popular seaside resort, stunning rice terraces, amazing islands and scenic lakes all together make this country the most beautiful place to visit before you die.


Croatia is the country with most beautiful coastline and islands. Indented shore and thousands of island surrounded with forests and small villages is an ideal spot to enjoy nature. It is filled with the historical places that make you to recall Roman and Venetian times. The lovely architecture and sculptural work found in churches, monasteries and museums are well known inspiring places all over the world.


Ireland is a magnet for those who love breathtaking scenery, sailing and great food. With its striking rock and romantic landscapes, the land of saints and scholars is sure to put a sparkle in your eye. Jaw-dropping Atlantic Ocean views, beautifully maintained gardens, serene lakeside walks, engaging history, wild sweeping mountains, windswept stunning islands and charming villages offer a visitor experience quite like no other. Astounding beaches motivates visitors to get engage in numerous outdoor recreational activities like water sports, fishing and deep-sea angling.


Norway, the most beautiful country in Europe, offers you best sightseeing opportunities where natural wonders in the form of wonderful fjords put everlasting effects on your mind while endless snow-capped mountain peaks, glaciers, stunning northern lights, midnight sun, jagged peaks and waterfalls make this place the most favorite spot of tourists who love to see spectacular sceneries. The country also has some cultural attraction especially museum which gives you complete walk through of rich cultural and social history.


It is most geographically varied country fully packed with spectacular location that will surely leave you speechless. Largest rain forest, sunny deserts, snow-capped mountains and worth seeing countryside are all at one place to enjoy all taste of nature. In the middle of a tropical mountain forest, you can find beautiful urban creation of the Inca Empire known as Machu Picchu. The country is full of enchanting attraction to pull tourists ranging from the breathtaking peaks of the Andes to the rich diversity of flora and fauna of the Amazon basin.


Switzerland, the safest and cleanest country on earth, offers breathtaking sceneries in the form of pretty lake, mountain resorts and forests. Museums, castles and galleries present cultural treasures while intense natural beauty bewitches the eye.


The country with beautiful islands, diverse routes, stuning restaurants and cafés across the islands makes this place the most ideal spot for those who are looking for wonderful tour to enjoy with friends. Lovely museums and vibrant art-filled galleries provide endless opportunities to see many unique cultural and historical attractions while large parks and its forests provide stunning environment to relax.


This is a country with beautiful colonial architecture, beach resorts on the Pacific and Caribbean side, archaeological site rich in astonish architecture and sculptures the Maya ever produced, temples showing wonderful ancient cultures and everything from arid deserts to lush tropical rainforests.


Surprised to find Slovenia in the top twenty most beautiful countries in the world? natural diversity, Charming sceneries, world’s most unique landscapes, vast forests, marvelous work of ancient art serve as magnet to attract every tourist. Castles, hilltop churches, Cultural-historical monuments and architectural works of art are available in vibrant historical coastal town will surely entice you and draw you in. You discover numerous historic eras at each step in country where museums are full of ancient items.


Another country with most beautiful destination to discover nature and history which offers range of attractions from castles and museums to world recognized beaches and amazing natural playground. Approximately 400-plus castles, fortifications, breathtaking landscapes, and several heritage attractions cast some deep pleasant feeling.


USA is one of the most beautiful countries which offer wide range of tourist attraction ranging from world’s best national park system, diverse landscape, stunning skyscrapers to historical buildings, museums, the casino, underground lake and sunny beaches.


Australia well deserves the place in top twenty most beautiful countries of the world. It has most stunning natural wonders, world’s loveliest cities, vast empty landscapes, striking public spaces, unique wildlife, rich heritage sites, marvelous architecture, exciting adventurous sites and indigenous culture.


Iceland is also a strong contender to be listed amongst top 20 most beautiful countries of the world. Looming volcanic peaks, bubbling hot springs, a starkly eye-catching wilderness of ice fields, dramatic waterfall, lovely heritage timber buildings, surging rivers and steep mountainsides all together will astonish you and force you to stay there forever.


One of the most beautiful country in the world that offers Stunning countryside, fantastic Somerset landmarks, spectacular natural beauty, breath taking Beaches & picturesque coastal areas, fascinating National parks , marvelous historical & heritage centers and vibrant Cities.


Indonesia is the world’s most recognition country for the beautiful landscapes, seas sight, rich green islands, mountains and heritage. It is also a home to world’s largest archipelago having 18,110 islands, 6,000 of them inhabited. There are number of astounding attraction ranging from historical to natural to cultural which comprises ancient temples, grand mosque, volcanoes, lakes and amazing underwater diving spot.

South Africa

South Africa is the country which offers plenty of opportunities to find most enchanting places of the world. You can find here scenic beauty, golden beaches, marine park, wildlife, table mountain, a laid-back atmosphere, green valleys and historic towns. Also ideal for scenic drives and hiking trails attracting adventure-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.


Remarkably known for history and romance radiating from the big cities and small mountain villages, Italy offer world’s most stunning stretch of coastline where home built precariously along the steep mountains. You will surely fall in love with lovely coastal region with steep Oceanside cliffs and hills while it’s most scenic lake surrounded by mountains and lined by small picturesque towns may leave everlasting view in your mind. Apart from natural beauty, this country is also home to ancient structure where tourists come to see engineering used by Romans over 2000 years ago. Waterways in Venice are the one of the most photographed sites of the country.

New Zealand

New Zealand has also got place in our list of top 20 most beautiful countries of the world which is full packed with most amazing tourist attraction which will force you to must see before die. Lash green hills, majestic snowcapped mountains, sweeping beaches, picturesque fjords, volcanic plateau, Spectacular glaciers, deep valleys, plunging waterfalls, long striking coastline, gorgeous sandy beaches, spectacular ocean views and diverse breath taking places.


Canada offer some of world’s most beautiful Places for Sightseeing to travelers ranging from the stunning waterfalls, scenery park, most historic buildings, rain forests, attractive rocky mountain scenery. The Provincial parks and National Parks are most attractive and full of natural beauty..


The world’s most beautiful country with amazing attractions spread right across the country which comprises wild beaches, inspiring parks, craggy castles, historic homes, awe-inspiring museums and galleries.
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